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"Triana" in Seville

Where to go for flamenco in Triana

I have heard that most authentic flamenco performances are in Triana quarter. Which are the recommended places to go in Triana for flamenco?

What to do in Triana?

Can you share some useful tips to visit Triana if I want to spend only half a day there but I do not want to miss the interesting things?


When visitors go to Seville they miss Triana and tend to focus a lot on the historic centre that contains the Cathedral and Alcazar. These are two wonderful attractions and must-see places on your trip. But you cannot leave Seville without visiting the Triana district across the other side of the Guadalquivir river.

Triana has some of the best flamenco including free shows in some venues if you are smart about planning your visit. And Triana flamenco is so good because it evolved over centuries in the working class environment of the area, where Roma communes housed gypsy people who were in some ways the creators of this art form.

The best ceramics and other traditional souvenirs are also to be found in Triana. You can visit old kilns that may not be active today but are the site of the best ceramic stores. If you spend time on the local markets and bylanes of Triana, you will find many more authentic Seville souvenirs related to the history and culture of the province.

In the evening you should visit Calle Betis in Triana for tapas. If you are religious or just want to observe the local community you should step into one of the many local churches. If you are a history fan, be sure to spend time in Castillo San Jorge, the place where the Spanish Inquisition started.


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