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"Transport" in Seville

Bicycles and Sevici

Can I rent a Sevici bike in Seville as a visitor? Are there other bike rental services? Do you recommend bike rentals in Seville and what are the rates?

    How to get around Seville by public transport?

    What is the best way to travel within Seville? Is Seville a large city that requires public transport?
    Seville is a small compact city. Much of the attractions are clustered in the historic area famous for its improbably narrow alleys. You have to either walk from attraction to attraction or go on a bike. Seville is the cycling capital of southern Europe and you will find well laid bike super ways criss-crossing all of Seville. Seville also has its own tram (tranvia) that goes south from Plaza Nueva. At present, it covers only 1.4 Kms and has just five stops, Plaza Nueva, Archivo de Indias, Puerta de Jerez, Prado de San Sebastián and San Bernardo.

    Important transit points in Seville

    • Aeropuerto San Pablo
    • The airport is located ten kilometres north-east of Seville. It is not a very busy airport. There are regular bus service run by Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla between the city centre and airport..
    • Train Station : Estación Santa Justa : AVE from Madrid stops here at Estación Santa Justa. The station is 4.2 KMs from Seville Cathedral. Buses C1 and C2 takes you from the train station to the bus station at Prado de San Sebastián. Bus # 32 will take you to the historic centre via Metropol Parasol
    • Plaza de Armas: Bus terminus for long distance buses
    • Prado de San Sebastián: Bus terminus for buses heading to towns within Andalucía.

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