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"Tours" in Seville

Seville hop on hop off reviews

Is hop on hop off bus worth taking in a city like Seville?

Which Seville tours worth it?

Can you recommend some cultural tours for first time visitors to Seville? I am confused by so many tours listed.

    Seville horse carriage tour

    Is the horse carriage tour worth taking in Seville? Where should we hire the tour and what is the route?

    Seville tapas tours - worth it?

    Is a tapas tour in Seville worth it? Which is the best tapas tour and should we combine tapas and flamenco on the same tour? What about self guided tapas tours?

    What is Cuarto Real tour?

    Is it worth going on the Cuarto Real tour when we visit the Seville Alcazar? What is this tour exactly?

    Cathedral guided tour

    Do I need to go on a guided tour of the Cathedral in Seville? How long should I plan for the visit?

    Seville Tours

    Seville is the perfect city to take a tour and experience the culture and history at a deeper level.

    The main attractions of the city have very good official tours. The Cathedral Cubiertas tour takes you to the roof of the building and explains the history and architecture from a different vantage point compared to a regular visit. The Alcazar has an entertaining night tour with costumed actors playing various characters as they explain the history of the palace. The Castillo San Jorge Inquisition museum also has a free audio guided tour to explain the building and the history of the inquisition.

    Horse carriage tours of Seville are very popular and you can see parked carriages all around the Cathedral and Plaza de Espana. HoHo bus tours are not so popular because Seville is a walking city and most major attractions are best seen on a walking tour instead.

    Tapas tours are very popular in Seville and there are also many simple tapas routes that you can follow yourself even without a formal tour guide. There are also many flamenco classes available for all levels, from hour long classes for beginners to month long residential courses for advanced learners.

    The ideal way to see Seville is of course with a knowledgeable local guide who can take you around the city and show you the same city but with a local’s perspective.


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