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"Tourist Card" in Madrid

Madrid Travel Pass Reviews

Is Madrid travel pass worth it? Are single journey tickets or another option better than Madrid travel pass?

Madrid Zone T pass enough?

Which are the attractions that are not in Zone-T (public transport 10 trip pass) in Madrid?

Madrid city tourist pass

What discount cards are available for tourists to Madrid? We are there for 4 days and keen to see the major sights. Please list Madrid cards for sightseeing as well as travel.

    Madrid card for family

    Which Madrid card gives best value for a visting family of four?

    Tourist Cards in Madrid

    A tourist card can make it convenient and economical to visit multiple attractions in Madrid if you are there for a longer stay and plan to visit many places.

    And like most cities, tourist cards can be expensive. So it is important to do your homework and decide if you should buy a tourist card, and which ones might suit your Madrid trip best. The main ones are Madrid Card, Madrid Travel Pass and Art Walk Pass.

    Read reviews of Madrid tourist and travel passes to make your decision. You may discover that you do not need one at all, or you may find one that you did not know about, that suits your purpose perfectly.


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