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Barcelona topics tagged Tourist Card

"Tourist Card" in Barcelona

Barcelona City Pass or Barcelona transportation card?

Is there a City Pass or Transportation pass for Barcelona? We are college students travelling to Barcelona, and looking to save every dollar on our trip.

T10 card for travel in Barcelona public transport

Where to buy T10 tickets? How much does a T10 ticket cost in Barcelona? How to use a T10 ticket for travel in Barcelona public transport (mainly metro trains)?

Where to buy T-10 at Barcelona airport?

Where can we buy the T10 card at Barcelona airport? Is T10 valid on the airport metro? We are a couple and it will be cheaper to take the train from airport to Barcelona city, than a taxi.

HolaBCN or Barcelona T10 card?

Are HolaBCN and Barcelona T10 card the same? If not, which Barcelona transport card should I buy?

Is Articket Barcelona worth buying?

Is it worth buying ART PASSPORT [articket Barcelona]. If time permits, I would like to visit many museums in Barcelona.

Barcelona Tourist Cards

Almost all tourist cities have city cards designed to offer value and convenience to visitors. Barcelona has its fair share of city cards. Some cover only museums, while other includes only transportation. Others cover the entire gamut from transportation, restaurants and entry to attractions.

To an average tourist, it is not easy to determine whether it is worthwhile to buy any of these cards. Use this tag for those questions that help visitors to Barcelona make an informed decision on purchasing these cards.


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