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"Shopping" in Madrid

Where to fashion shop in Madrid?

Spanish designs are world famous and known to be affordable also. Where can I go fashion shopping in Madrid?

Bargain hunting in Madrid

Which are the best areas for bargain shoppers. When do you have major sales season in Madrid?

    Reviews of local markets in Madrid

    Besides Mercado San Miguel, what are local markets where residents go in Madrid?

    Best souvenirs from Madrid

    What are unique souvenirs and gifts to buy from Madrid? We do not have much time, so please recommend shops for authentic souvenirs and gifts. Are there any suggestions for shipping?

      Toledo knife and other souvenirs

      Where to buy a Toledo knife? Also, what are some other souvenirs that we can buy in Toledo?

      Shopping in Madrid


      Madrid has many local markets from the famous Mercado San Miguel to lesser known Rastro flea markets and food markets all over the city of. Souvenir shopping is also best done in Madrid where everything from all regions of Spain is easily available.

      Many shoppers look to travel to Madrid looking for bargains during discounts season, or they are keen to go to factory outlets on the outskirts of the city.

      Fashion and high end shopping is best in Barrio Salamanca, while Arguelles is for cost effective local fashion.


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