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"Shopping" in Basque Region

Shopping in Basque Country?

Besides souvenirs, what is there for shopping in the Basque region? Where should I go in Bilbao and Sebastian?

    What are unique Basque souvenirs?

    What should we buy as souvenirs from our Basque country visit? Where can we buy these?

      Shopping in Basque Country

      Basque country is very distinct from rest of Spain – the language, culture, custom and cuisine. It is a destination famous for its cuisine and surfing and not necessarily shopping. If you are looking for souvenirs and memorabilia to take back home, you have some interesting options – Txakoli, the local wine, Cantabrian anchovies, Tolosa beans, or a bottle of txakoli wine from Getaria and Txikito glass. Basque country is famous for surfing. Almost everyone are into surfing. When you are in Basque Country, you may want to pick up some surfing gear.

      Fashion in Basque is distinct as it more influenced by French than by Spain. You will find many boutiques in Bilbao and San Sebastian. Since San Sebastian is organized into clusters, it is easy to shop at San Sebastian. If you are looking for traditional Basque souvenirs, head to the old town. Go to Downtown San Sebastian for modern and trendy boutiques. Gros district of picking up adventure and surfing gear.


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