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"Shopping" in Seville

Where to shop in Seville for good and cheap souvenirs?

We want to buy some unique souvenirs from Seville, along with a few cheaper gifts? What would you recommend and where in Seville to buy them?

    Where to buy ceramics in Seville?

    Which is the shop recommended by experts for those wanting to buy traditional, authentic ceramic items from Seville?

      Flamenco souvenirs

      What are flamenco souvenirs that can be purchased at Seville?

      Shopping centres in Seville

      The main shopping areas in Seville are Calle Sierpes and the nearby Calle Tetuan. Visitors can find almost anything (all kinds of souvenirs and essentials) on these two streets in Seville. At one end of the streets is also the local branch of El Corte Ingles department store. And nearby Calle Larana is also a nice shopping street but with fewer stores.

      Seville has 3 main shopping malls: Nervion Plaza, Los Arcos, and Plaza de Armas. If you are looking for convenience, Plaza de Armas is closest to the center. Los Arcos is a bus ride away from the city centre.

      Triana is the best place to shop for traditional Seville souvenirs especially for ceramics. Seville also hosts open air markets in different areas all through the week, where you can find antiques and collectables.


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