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Seville topics tagged Seville Cathedral

"Seville Cathedral" in Seville

Seville cathedral dress code

How strict is the dress code at Seville cathedral

Cathedral and Alcazar - combined ticket

Is there a combined ticket to visit the Seville Cathedral and Alcazar? We plan to visit both on the same day.

Seville Cathedral roof tour

Is the Cathedral roof tour worth doing? Which is better, Seville Cathedral roof tour or Giralda climb? When is the mass and worship held?

Seville Cathedral mass timings

I would like to coincide my Seville Cathedral sightseeing visit with attending mass. What are mass timings at the Cathedral? Is there English mass?

    Does Giralda need a separate ticket?

    When we visit Seville Cathedral, does climbing the Giralda bell tower need a separate ticket? What is the ticket price and where to get it?

    Seville Cathedral tickets - Where to buy?

    What is the best way to advance book Seville Cathedral tickets? Is online booking necessary, and ticket lines long? Official website is not user friendly and only in Spanish.

    Cathedral free hours

    When can I visit Seville Cathedral for free and can I also climb the Giralda tower during this time?

      Cathedral guided tour

      Do I need to go on a guided tour of the Cathedral in Seville? How long should I plan for the visit?

      Seville Cathedral

      Seville's cathedral, Santa Maria de la Sede, is the third largest church in Europe and largest Gothic cathedral in the world. The construction of the cathedral lasted over a century from 1401 to 1506. The cathedral is built on the site of a grand Almohad Mosque. The Moorish entrance court (Patio de los Naranjos); and the Giralda, originally a minaret, converted into a bell tower are reminiscent of the old mosque. Seville's cathedral was built to demonstrate the city's power and wealth after the Reconquista.

      Book tickets in advance?

      It is little cumbersome to buy tickets online. A better idea is to buy the combo entry ticket at the ticket counter located in Church of El Salvador.

      Combined Cathedral - Alcazar ticket?

      Unfortunately there is no official ticket to combine Seville Alcazar and Seville Cathedral though they are next to each other.

      Guided Tour/Audioguide

      The Roof Tour or the Cubiertas Tour is one of the best guided tours of any Cathedral in Spain. But for a regular Cathedral and Giralda tour, the audio guide is highly recommended. It helps you appreciate art in the various Chapels, and you don’t need a personal tour guide.

      You can visit the Seville Cathedral on any day of the week and if you are religious the mass on Sunday is free and a great way to meet the local residents. But there are also other churches of Seville if your main interest is to meet locals. The Cathedral does tend to attract lots of tourists even for Sunday mass.


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