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"Segovia" in Madrid

Toledo or Segovia?

Help me choose between Toledo and Segovia for a day trip from Madrid

Segovia in one day?

How to plan a day trip to Segovia? Do you recommend a bus or train to get to Segovia? What is there to see and do in Segovia?

Segovia and Avila

Can we combine Segovia and Avila in one day trip from Madrid?


From Madrid, it is easy to reach Segovia for a day trip. Unlike Toledo, you don’t need to spend the night in Segovia to experience it fully. There are 3 major attractions in Segovia: The Roman Aqueduct
The Alcazar of Segovia
The Gothic Cathedral.
The entire city is walkable, even at a slow place. You will love the winding streets and the views from the Alcazar looking at the city walls. Apart from this the food of the region is unique. The good thing about Segovia that many visitors like is that it is not packed and things are nice and easy.

You can also combine your visit to Segovia with a tour of the castles in the Segovia province. There are frequent trains and buses from Madrid to Segovia. Some combine Segovia with a visit to Avila


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