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                    Things to see and do in Rome

                    See and Do in Rome

                    Rome has been the centre of the world for centuries and so it has a treasure of things to see and do. The art, architecture, and cultural richness of Rome is seen in ancient ruins. The religious importance is seen at the Vatican and the churches of Christian Rome. And its contemporary influence on global trends is seen in the fashion and design tastes of the city.

                    Rome is home to some of the most important ancient monuments of the World. Vatican houses some of the well known art works. Deciding on how many days to stay in Rome is always a challenge. At the minimum, you must budget for 3 full days in Rome.

                    Even with three full days, you can only see the big sights - Roman Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, Galleria Borghese and the Vatican museums. You may not be able to go for any of the interesting offbeat attractions that abound in Rome If you stay for more than three days, you can consider a day trip to some of the towns around Rome.

                    Rome is not a particularly expensive city. With proper planning and being smart, you can enjoy Rome well within your budget. Unlike in many other European cities, Rome city cards, Roma Pass or Omnia Card is not recommended.

                    When you are in Rome you must:

                    • See Ancient Rome in the ruins at the Roman Forum.
                    • Visit the Colosseum which is almost 2000 years old and needs advance booking for sure.
                    • Gape at the Pantheon, burial place of Roman Kings, and also known for its amazing architecture and huge roof.
                    • Linger on the Spanish Steps, along with other visitors. It is such a tourist activity but you cannot leave Rome without doing this.
                    • Relax at Galleria Borghese gardens after visiting the gallery.

                    And you should also experience Rome through some very interesting activities:

                    • Toss a coin at the Trevi Fountain, for ensuring a return to Rome. The fountain itself is such a work of art.
                    • Explore edgy Trastevere, a vibrant district across the Tiber. Trastevere is not just an interesting neighborhood but also one of the areas you can consider to stay in Rome.
                    • Walk around Centro Storico, ideally with a tour. As you wander, notice the history of the place even in ordinary buildings.
                    • Visit Campo de’ Fiori market to see Romans going about their daily routine.
                    • Get a taste for Rome nightlife in Testaccio district.

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