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"See Do" in Seville

What to do in Triana?

Can you share some useful tips to visit Triana if I want to spend only half a day there but I do not want to miss the interesting things?

Seville cathedral dress code

How strict is the dress code at Seville cathedral

Seville Cathedral roof tour

Is the Cathedral roof tour worth doing? Which is better, Seville Cathedral roof tour or Giralda climb? When is the mass and worship held?

Seville horse carriage tour

Is the horse carriage tour worth taking in Seville? Where should we hire the tour and what is the route?

Is Alcazar and Cuarto Real Alto ticket worth?

Is the combined Alcázar + Cuarto Real Alto ticket worth buying? Is the timeslot valid only for entry to the place or is to visit Alcazar?

Which are the recommended Hamams in Seville?

Should I go to a Seville hamam, which are the best and how much do they cost? Do locals also go to hamams in Seville or is it a tourist trap?

    Star Wars Plaza de Espana

    Is it true that Seville’s Plaza de Espana was a location for Star Wars film shoots? Can you tell me about some other films shot here before I visit?

      Can we bike around Parque de Maria Luisa?

      We like to walk and cycle around new cities. We plan to spend an afternoon at Maria Luisa Park; can we bike around? What are park timings and are there any restrictions?

        Does Giralda need a separate ticket?

        When we visit Seville Cathedral, does climbing the Giralda bell tower need a separate ticket? What is the ticket price and where to get it?

        Museum of Fine arts worth visiting?

        In just 2 days in Seville, is it worth going to the Museum of fine arts? How much time should we keep for this visit?

          Seville Cathedral tickets - Where to buy?

          What is the best way to advance book Seville Cathedral tickets? Is online booking necessary, and ticket lines long? Official website is not user friendly and only in Spanish.

          What to see in Metropol Parasol?

          What can we see and do within Metropol Parasol

            Free things to do in Seville

            What are the free and interesting things to do in Seville?

            What to see and do in Seville?

            Seville is a small but diverse city. There is so much to see and do in Seville that you should plan to visit for at least 3 days.

            Most visitors to Seville start with a visit to the Seville Cathedral and the nearby Alcazar royal palace. While at the Cathedral you should know about the dress code as you could be denied admission if you do not comply with the dress code. After visiting the main building, you should consider visiting the Giralda clock tower, or go on the Cathedral roof tour.

            When you visit the Alcazar of Seville, know that your visit includes an option to visit the Royal Apartments (Cuarto Real) for a separate fee. If you have an evening free you could take the Alcazar Night tour. The Alcazar has been used as a location for shooting sequences from Game of Thrones.

            There are many worthwhile attractions in the historic centre of Seville, including the more recent Metropol Parasol where you can go to the roof for views of the city. Or you could go into the basement to see the Roman ruins. There is also the Museum of Fine Arts, a world class museum that often gets missed.

            The Santa Cruz Jewish quarter has narrow lanes and quiet squares to spend an afternoon. Or you could take a horse carriage tour; head over to the majestic Plaza Espana where you can rent a boat. Or you could explore Maria Luisa Park on a bicycle; Seville has a very good bike sharing service called Sevici.

            Seville is the spiritual capital of Flamenco. You must catch a flamenco performance at one of the authentic tabloas. If you know the local secrets, you can enjoy flamenco performance for free . You must visit Triana - across the river - on your trip to Seville. There is lots to do in Triana, from tapas along the river to ceramics shopping, and traditional flamenco shows. There is the Spanish Inquisition museum to visit, and the nearby produce market as well. Triana also has old Roma (gypsy) communes where Flamenco evolved over the centuries.

            You Seville experience should also include a flamenco performance and a visit to a traditional Arab Hammam; make sure to book in advance.


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