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Basque Region topics tagged San Sebastian

"San Sebastian" in Basque Region

Daytrips from San Sebastian

What day trips from San Sebastian are worth going for? Should we stay in Spain or is French Basque region also worth seeing?

Bilbao or San Sebastian

I have 5 nights to visit Basque country. How to split time between Bilbao and San Sebastian. Where to make a base and what other towns to visit?

Which French Basque towns from San Sebastian?

From San Sebastian we want to see French Basque towns, which ones can be seen on a day trip?

What to see and do in San Sebastian

What is there to see and do in San Sebastian? How long to spend in San Sebastian? Is a day enough?

What to eat and drink in San Sebastian?

What are must try traditional food and drinks in San Sebastian? Where in San Sebastian to go for these?

Wine region from San Sebastian?

From San Sebastian, should I go to French or Rioja wine region? Which wine towns to cover, and by self tour or guided tour? Is there a sequence in which to travel, and what transport to use?

Where to stay in San Sebastian?

Does it matter where I stay in San Sebastian? What are the neighborhoods, specific hotels, apartments, other interesting places?

Best beaches in San Sebastain

What are the best family friendly beaches near San Sebastian to visit? We want to see the best beaches but also want to surf, if possible.

San Sebastian best pintxo bars?

What are the locally recommended Pintxo bars to visit in San Sebastian old town? We love food and on our short stay, we want to get an authentic pintxo bar experience.

San Sebastian in 1 day

I only have 1 day to visit San Sebastian; I know it is not enough. What should I see and what should I skip on this short trip?

Nightlife in San Sebastian

Which are the popular nightlife hangouts in San Sebastian?

San Sebastian

San Sebastián, the Basque beauty is known equally for its stunning beaches and culinary delights. The old town of San Sebastian is full of pintxo bars, gothic style basilicas, squares and impressive castles.

The famed Playa de la Concha, rated one of the best beach in Europe is filled with beautiful people, including blue blooded royalty and Hollywood superstars. If you want to cool off by plunging into the sea, then head to San Sebastian’s other popular beach, Zurriola Beach.

San Sebastian is a foodie’s paradise with highest Michelin stars per capita. You are never a stone’s throw from a Michelin-starred restaurant. San Sebastian is equally popular for another Basque country speciality, the cider houses, where, traditionally, as a barrel is unplugged, patrons hold up a glass to catch an arcing stream of cider.


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