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Rome topics tagged Roma Pass

"Roma Pass" in Rome

Should we buy Roma pass?

Suggest expert to review Roma pass and inform whether it is worthwhile to buy Roma Pass. If we buy, any tips to maximize value?

Where to buy Roma Pass?

Where can we buy Roma Pass? Should we buy it at the airport?

    Roma Pass vs Omnia pass

    What is the difference between Roma Pass and Omnia Pass? Which one should we buy?

    Roma pass and pre booking

    If I am going to buy Roma Pass, should I still pre book any attraction?

      Roma Pass and Colosseum tours

      With Roma Pass, do we need separate tickets for Colosseum underground tours?

      How to best use Roma Pass

      I am confused on Roma Pass. If I do buy one , any inside tips on how to get most of Roma Pass

        City Cards in Rome

         Comparison of tourist passes in Rome Rome has many passes
        • Roma Pass
        • Omnia Pass
        • Turbo Pass (also called Rome City Pass)
        • Archaeologica Card

        Roma Pass can be bought for 48 hours or 72 hours and covers most attractions in Rome. Omnia card includes all benefits of 3 day Roma pass plus Vatican attractions. Turbo pass also has similar entitlements like the more popular Omnia card. Archaeologica Card covers main archaeological sites for 7 days in Rome. The sites includes Colosseum/Palatine/Forum, Palazzo Massimo, Crypta Balbi, Palazzo Altemps, Baths of Diocletian, Baths of Caracalla,some sites of Appia Antica.

        The two most popular cards are Roma Pass and Omnia Pass. The post on Roma pass vs Omnia pass compares both the pass and concludes it may not be worth to buy either of them.

        All the main tourist cards of Rome are available online so you can buy them in advance of your trip. They are also available at hundreds of points all across Rome, at airports, train stations, news kiosks, as well all all tourist information points.

        You should also consider whether you will be traveling as a family with young children or just adults. This could help you to decide which passes are really worth it becsuse not all of them offer discounts for kids. And many attractions in Rome anyway allow free entry for young children.


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