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Barcelona - Getting around and other useful information

Barcelona - Essential information

Barcelona is a large city with many attractions. Even though many of Barcelona’s attractions are close to each other, your trip planning will bring up questions to do with getting around Barcelona. You will also come across City cards and transport passes that offer a lower cost way to access public transport and visit attractions.

Getting around Barcelona

  • Major attractions of Barcelona can be visited by public transport.
  • Metro, commuter trains, buses, trams, and funiculars are fast, safe, clean, family friendly, and cheap.
  • Day trip destinations like Montserrat , Sitges and other beach towns around Barcelona are well connected.
  • While Uber is not popular, there are other taxi hailing apps
  • Airport to City Center - Airport bus and airport trains are convenient. If you are traveling as a family, taxis may be more convenient. Taxis take approximately 25 minutes to reach the city centre and cost around €35.00. The most economical way to reach city center from airport is to buy T10 card at the airport and travel by RENFE train or TMB No. 46
  • Cruise terminal to City Center - Barcelona Cruise terminal is at Port Vell, located at the southern tip of La Rambla. It is easy to reach Barcelona City Center from the cruise terminal.

Best time to visit Barcelona

  • Barcelona is pretty much a year round destination with the peak crowds coming in during the summer months of July and August.
  • Barcelona beach activities are best during Spring and Summer. In winters the beaches around Barcelona remain pleasant, but the water is cold.
  • Being a large tourist and commercial city, you should keep a watch out for festivals or conferences happening around the time of your visit; hotel prices can change suddenly and significantly during high demand.

Barcelona Tourist cards

The main cards you should consider for a Barcelona visit, are:
  • Barcelona Card - This card offers free or discounted entry at Barcelona attractions, along with unlimited travel on public transport, and shopping discounts. It is valid for 2 to 5 days. It is a single user card that cannot be shared.
  • Hola BCN Transportation Card . This is unlimited public transport-only card. It is valid for 2 to 5 days. It is a single user card that cannot be shared.
  • T10 Card - This is a multi user shareable card for 10 discounted rides on Barcelona public transport.
  • Articket Barcelona - This combined ticket ends up offering you a 45% discount if you visit 6 museums in Barcelona. It also allows you to skip the line.
  • If you visiting Montserrat, you may want to consider Tot Montserrat or Trans Montserrat

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