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Rome - Getting around and other useful information

Rome - Essential information

Rome is a huge city with too many attractions. It is almost impossible to visit Rome without advance planning. Most of the attractions of Ancient Rome and many of the other main attractions of the city can easily be seen on foot. Still, you should pay close attention to details like advance booking, transport cards, city tourist passes, and tips to get the most out of your Rome visit.

Getting around Rome

Rome has an excellent transport system - metro and buses - if you ever need one. For shorter trips focused on the main attractions of Rome you should map out your plan in advance to see if you need any transport at all. For longer trips that may include excursion to smaller cities and towns in the region, you can depend on the excellent transport system of trains and buses. Taxis could make sense for short distances within the city.

Tourist cards

Rome has many tourist card for you to choose depending on the duration and interest of your visit.
  • Roma Pass - This card is a single user card to enter 1 or 2 attractions for free and also Includes discounts, and unlimited transport for 2 or 3 days.
  • Turbo Pass - This includes Rome attractions and also some Vatican attractions along with unlimited transport and discounts. It is also a single user card.
  • Omnia Pass - Includes almost all attractions in Vatican including everything that is included by Roma pass.
  • Archaeological card - Focuses on old Roman sites.
  • Integrated Transport pass - Only for unlimited transport on Rome metro and buses.

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