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Costa Del Sol - Getting around and other useful information

Costa Del Sol - Essential information

Costa del Sol is so sunny that you really don’t need to think about when to visit this region full of beaches, nightlife, and a lot of inland natural beauty as well.

Getting around

Buses and trains do run along the Costa del Sol, connecting the main towns with each other and with the inland Malaga province. The frequencies and the network of public transport is quite good.

However you will see that taxis are easily available, reasonably priced, and run 24 x 7. Booking or hailing a taxi, or driving on your own, are the best ways to get around the Costa del Sol. Most visitors make a base at one location and then take short self drive or taxi trips to nearby destinations.

Best time to visit

Spring and summer times are the ideal times for a visit to Costa del Sol. Late autumn through early spring can get wet, and sometimes cold, especially if you are looking to be on the beach, or in the water.

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