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Basque Region - Getting around and other useful information

Basque Region - Essential information

The Basque country is a fiercely independent and well connected region in the north of Spain, bordering the south of France with which it shares extensive cultural, historical, as well as transport links.

Getting around

Buses run on an efficient network of routes across the Basque region. Even smaller towns in Navarre and La Rioja are connected by dependable buses. Trains connect major cities. And taxis are a very quick, practical, and often quite reasonably priced options to get from point to point.

Best time to visit

You should try and visit anytime from April to August; the Basque region is very wet and cold for almost half the year, especially in the autumn. The wine region of La Rioja has peak traffic in September. If you are there for the Cider, the best time to visit is before May.

Tourist Cards

The Barik Transport card of Bilbao is valid primarily in Bilbao and surrounding areas. San Sebastian has its own transport card. There is also a Basque transport card. All these cards can be loaded with a certain number of trips on the public transport system.

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