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Madrid topics tagged Planning

"Planning" in Madrid

How many days in Madrid is enough?

Only 12 full days in Spain, how much time to plan for a not-rushed experience of Madrid?

Four day Itinerary for Madrid

How to plan 4 days in Madrid? Can you suggest a practical and not rushed 4-day Itinerary for Madrid.

When is best to visit Madrid?

When is the best time to visit Madrid. Any events to avoid or coincide with our Madrid visit? Good weather is also important.

    Madrid - how much to budget?

    As a tourist, how much should I budget for a day in Madrid for day to day expenses without accommodation.

      Cheap travel from Barcelona to Madrid

      What is the best way to travel cheap from Barcelona to Madrid? Is there an overnight train? Are there any attractions enroute? How can I buy tickets for the fast train cheap? [book in advance/ class etc]

        Madrid to Seville via Cordoba?

        Madrid to Seville via Cordoba? Is it advisable? Can we visit Mezquita at Cordoba as a stop-over trip? Please share any tips or suggestions

          Apps for visiting madrid

          Which are the best apps that one need to have while visiting Madrid?

            Madrid tickets in advance?

            For which attractions in Madrid, should we buy our tickets in advance?

              Madrid city break

              Planning a long weekend trip to Madrid. Can local residents share tips to make my city break memorable.

              Madrid on a tight budget

              Visiting Madrid on a tight budget. Any suggestions to how to stretch the Euro in Madrid

                Madrid in 3 Days

                Can we see Madrid properly in just 3 days? What are the must see places and what can we skip? Will we have time to go for a day trip also? We cannot spare more than 3 days for Madrid.

                1 day in Madrid

                We are passing through Madrid on our way back home. What can we see on a 1 day layover in Madrid? We will have about 24 hours in Madrid between our flights.

                Safety and precautions in Madrid

                I am a nervous traveller and will be in Madrid for the first time. Please list precautions that we should take during our stay. Also, what are the areas to avoid in Madrid?

                  What are the free things to do in Madrid?

                  What are some of the interesting things to do for free in Madrid?

                  Madrid with family - Best time to visit

                  Planning a family break in Madrid next year...when is the best time to visit with kids?

                  Plan Your Trip to Madrid

                  Planning a trip to Madrid can be an exciting as well as a challenging affair for most visitors. How many days you spend in Madrid really depends on what else you have planned for the rest of your Spain trip. Many locals will say that even a week is not enough to experience the vibe and pulse of the city. But not all of us have that much time.

                  Planning a rewarding trip is also dependent on your interests - you have to decide how many days to spend and there is always an itinerary that can be made to work for you.

                  Madrid is of course most famous for its museums and royalty. There are endless museums in Madrid and it is impossible to see all of them - more than 30 - on one trip even with the useful Madrid museum pass. So you should pick and choose the right museums for you based on your interest.

                  Amongst the Royal sites of Madrid, you will certainly see the Royal Palace and if you plan your Madrid visit well you may be able to see the changing of the guard and the lit up palace, all in one day, in addition to the tour.

                  And don’t forget, no trip to Madrid is complete without planning a day trip to one or more of the exciting destinations around Madrid. Toledo, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca….all are rich day trip destinations from Madrid within easy reach by public transport.

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