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Girona & Costa Brava topics tagged Planning

"Planning" in Girona & Costa Brava

Best time to visit Costa Brava

Is there a recommended time to visit Costa Brava or any months we should avoid visiting for some reason? There is not much information online about this.

Best town to stay in costa brava

We plan to spend a few days in Costa Brava after Girona. What are some nice towns to stay? Should we stay in one place and how should we plan our way around Costa Brava?

Costa Brava day trip from Barcelona

What Costa Brava towns do you recommend visiting as a day trip from Barcelona? How should I travel and what will I miss in a day?

    Romantic towns in Costa Brava

    What are some quiet Costa Brava towns to explore as a couple? We don’t mind some local nightlife though.

    Costa Brava without a car?

    Is it possible to explore Costa Brava without a car? How well do buses and trains connect the towns of Costa Brava?

      Planning holiday in Costa Brava

      Costa Brava with its lovely coves, high cliffs, scenic beaches and deep blue water is easily one of the most gorgeous coastal areas in Europe. Costa Brava has emerged as a hub of tourism and Mediterranean culture. The tourist season is getting longer by the year with most restaurants and other facilities deciding not to close their business in winter.

      To get the most of your Costa Brava holiday, prior planning is critical. This could start with deciding where do you want to base yourself? Do you want to stay in a holiday home or in a more conventional hotel? Some of the resorts in Costa Brava offer all the facilities that you barely need to leave the gates.

      If you are travelling in summer, it is important to focus more on the lesser-known areas of Costa Brava as the mainstream towns will be crowded. Planning an itinerary that meets your unique interests is critical to get the most out of your holiday in Costa Brava.


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