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"Planning" in Costa Del Sol

Where to go in Costa del sol?

Planning a vacation in Costa Del Sol but confused as which all places to visit in Costa Del Sol. Looking for beaches and nightlife. Any suggestions?

When is it best to visit Costa del Sol

Which are the best months to visit Costa Del Sol for sun and nightlife?

How long to spend in Costa del Sol?

On a 12 day Spain visit, I want to spend most days in Costa del sol. How long is long?

What are the things to see and do in Benalmadena

We plan to spend a couple of nights either in Torremolinos or in Benalmadena area. Are there plenty of things to see and do in Benalmadena without having to travel too far?

    How many days in Malaga?

    We are traveling around Andalucia for 10 days in the spring. How many days should we plan to spend in Malaga city?

    Planning a holiday in Costa del Sol

    Probably the first decision you need to make while planning a vacation to Costa del Sol is the town that you want as your base station. The general consensus among the experts is that those who do not have access to car are better off staying at Malaga and those with access to car should be more adventurous and stay at any of the smaller towns like Nerja. Base yourself in one town and visit other towns of Costa del Sol as day trips.

    If you are confused as to how many days for Costa del Sol, a week is the bare minimum. Ideally, you should plan a separate trip to Costa del Sol and not combine with a trip to Spain that includes destinations like Barcelona or Madrid. Most people assume the only two attractions at Costa del Sol are beaches and nightlife. Truth cannot be more further from reality. Costa del Sol region has a rick history dating back to the times of Romans and Moors. Thus, there are various sights and activities in Costa del Sol to keep you busy.

    Accommodation options are varied as the beaches of Costa del Sol. At one end you have large all-inclusive resorts and at the other end of the spectrum are large villas which are available on short vacation rental basis. It makes sense to explore apartments and villas at Costa del Sol over traditional hotels.

    Costa del Sol is not particularly known for its cuisine but at every small town in Costa del Sol you will find hole in the wall restaurants serving either authentic local food or tapas. Yes, tapas as Costa del Sol is part of Andalusia where tapas is said to have originated.


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