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"Planning" in Basque Region

When to visit Basque country?

When is the best time of the year to be in Basque country and why?

How many days in Basque country?

What is the ideal duration for Basque region visit; what places should we cover beyond Bilbao and San Sebastian?

French basque Country or Spanish Basque

Which is better for French basque Country or Spanish Basque country for the best Basque region experience.

Planning a visit to Basque Country

Basque country is unique and unlike mainland Spain. The language is not Spanish but Euskara, the people look distinct and different. The topography too is much different . Basque country is full of lush greenery than rest of Spain.

The Basque Country is famous for its beaches and scintillating modern architecture, fine dining and wines. Two important hubs in Basque Country are Bilbao and San Sebastian. Of the two, you should plan to spend more time in San Sebastian than at Bilbao. You will be better off renting a car as most of the region has to be visited as day trip from either San Sebastian or Bilbao.

The best time to visit Basque Country weather wise is mid June to early September. However, this is also the time when the region is most crowded. Ideally you should before or after this time.


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