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"Planning" in Seville

How many days in Seville

For a first time trip to Seville, how long is an ideal stay?

When is best to visit Seville?

When is it the best time of the year to visit Seville? Are there any times to avoid? Are there any events and festivals to consider so we plan our Seville trip better?

    Visit Seville during Semana Santa?

    Should I visit Seville during Semana Santa week? Please tell me something about Semana Santa and the activities during the time.

      How much to budget for a day in Seville?

      As a couple traveling to Seville how much should we budget to spend on our holiday? We are not luxury seekers but a clean and safe hotel is important. We like to eat well and for sure will have a few drinks in the evenings.

        Seville Apps

        What are the useful apps you can recommend for visitors in Seville?

          Is Seville best base to explore Andalucia?

          Our 7 day Andalusia trip will cover Seville , Granada, and Cordoba. Where should we make a base, Seville or elsewhere? We also want to do day trips to small towns.

            Planning your Seville Holiday

            Seville has a lot to see and do; so it is important to plan your trip in a way that you are able to get the most from your visit. While Seville is not expensive, it is a good idea to get a sense of a typical budget for your visit to Seville

            Many visitors miss the opportunity to have a rich experience of their Seville visit. It seems like Seville is a small city with not much planning required. After all, the Cathedral and Alcazar are said to be the main attractions that everyone talks about and they do not need advance booking anyway. So why plan?!

            You should think carefully about when you want to go to Seville. While Seville is a year round destination, the summer months - especially July and August - can get unbearably hot during the day. Festival time in Seville is also a good time to visit, especially for Semana Santa or April Feria.

            How many days to spend in Seville is also an important question to ask yourself as you are planning your visit. You will need at least 3 days to do justice to Seville’s historic sights as well as the working class district of Triana which many visitors do not fully explore. Seville is also about Flamenco and you can watch many flamenco performances for free if you plan in advance and go to the right venues at the right time. And of course planning a tapas tour needs an evening. You should also keep aside an extra day to go on a day trip from Seville; there are many amazing destinations well connected and within an hour or two from Seville.

            Plan your accommodation in a way that you are able to easily see the attractions of Seville. For most visitors this means staying in the central areas. But even if you go slightly away from the city centre it is fine because Seville is a small city with easy transport options if required. You must plan to explore the food and drink options on your trip to Seville, from tapas to local Andalusian delicacies.


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