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"Malaga" in Costa Del Sol

Where to stay in Malaga?

Please suggest the best area to stay in Malaga with a view to walking, bicycling and using a train for trips to Ronda, Mijas, Nerja.

Best beaches and beach towns near Malaga

We are looking for clean and secluded beach around Malaga. We plan to stay for a week and explore areas around Malaga

Malaga in one day

I am taking a cruise and will be in Malaga for 8 hours. What to see and do in Malaga?

Malaga Experience Card vs Malaga VIP Experience Card

What is the difference between Malaga Experience Card and Malaga VIP Experience Card? Is it worth buying Malaga city pass?

    What to eat and where to eat in Malaga

    Visiting Malaga for a week. Any must-try dishes and restaurants to visit in Malaga?

    Malaga old town accommodation

    Which are the recommended hotels in Malaga Old Town? Prefer a boutique hotel? Should we try vacation rentals in Old Town?

    Best of Malaga Museums

    Malaga is City of Museums. I am in Malaga for couple of days as part of Costa del sol driving trip. Which are the 5 museums that I need to go to? Advice on parking will also help

      Vacation rentals in Malaga old town or Benalmadena

      We are looking for self-catering vacation rentals. Should we base ourselves in Malaga Old town or in Benalmadena? Any recommendation on local vacation rental sites or is it Airbnb?

      Tapas and paella in Malaga

      In Malaga, where to go for best tapas and paella?

      Quiet resorts near Malaga

      Are there any calm and quiet resorts near Malaga? We are without children and not the partying sort. Relaxation and slow sightseeing is important for us.

        Bullfights in Malaga - where to watch?

        Where are the places to watch bullfights? I will be in Malaga province next summer.

          How many days in Malaga?

          We are traveling around Andalucia for 10 days in the spring. How many days should we plan to spend in Malaga city?


          Malaga is the gateway to Costa del Sol. Last year, more than 16.6 million passengers passed through Malaga. However, for vast majority of them, the final destination was not Malaga but one of the beach resorts of Costa del Sol.

          On its own Malaga at least deserves one full day. While beaches are principal attractions of all towns in Costa del Sol, Malaga also has its museums. In fact, Málaga has become a ‘City of Museums’ with more than 30 museums including the popular ones like Franxe’s Centre Pompidou museum, Thyssen Museum, Russian Art museum and the Automobile & Fashion Museum.

          As a fitting tribute to Malaga’s most famous son, Picasso, Malaga has its own mile of art where impressive museums like the Pompidou, Picasso Museum and the Centre for Contemporary Art, and the Carmen Thyssen Museum.

          A definite must-do at Malaga is to stroll along the Old town. The historic neighbourhood houses ancient monuments such as the Alcazaba, Cathedral and the Roman Theatre as well as the Picasso Museum. Arguably, the top sight at Malaga is the Alcazaba, built by the Hammudids in the 11th century. The Malaga’s Alcazaba is a Moorish architectural wonder that predates Granada’s Alhambra. The old town is also home to many small restaurants serving traditional Malaga cuisines such as fried fish and porra.

          In all of Costa del Sol, Malaga offers the best accommodation options ranging from expensive hotels, budget hotels, hostels and short term vacation rentals. If you do not have access to a car, Malaga will be your option as a base to explore all of Costa del Sol.


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