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Barcelona Itineraries

Barcelona is an inspiring city to visit and even as you plan you will realize that there is so much to see. You can visit Barcelona in just one day, or you can take a week and still not be done. When you are in Barcelona you must make sure to see and experience:
  • Masterpieces of Gaudi and works of other leading Modernist architects like Montaner and Cadafalch. Of the Modernisme buildings, Sagrada Familia is the most popular and a definite must-see
  • Roman side of Barcelona, churches, and souvenirs shops , in the mysterious lanes of the Gothic Quarter.
  • Fantastic urban beach stretch of Barceloneta, and miles of beaches with changing character teasing you with what lies further up if you head to the Costa Brava.
  • Traditional Catalan cooking, and its modern day molecular version. Remember, Barcelona is known as much for its food and food markets, as it is known for its Gaudi monuments.
  • Barcelona‚Äôs nightlife, which to be experienced fully deserves an entire evening and most of the night. It is an unforgettable experience.

You should plan to stay for at least 3 days in Barcelona , along with a day or two for a day trip visit to Montserrat, Girona, or Sitges. And with a longer stay in Barcelona you should definitely evaluate the wide choice of neighbourhoods you can stay in, beyond the city center. In fact, some prefer not to stay in Barcelona but in one of the small beach towns that surround Barcelona

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