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Seville Itineraries

You will be blown away by Seville; there is so much to see and do in such a small city. Most visitors to Seville end up running short of time; so make sure to plan your visit well with enough time to also visit some amazing day trip destinations in the region.

When you are in Seville, you must make sure to plan for
  • The Seville Cathedral . This massive building is a work of faith and art, all held together with its fascinating Moorish-Christian Renaissance history. You must go on the roof tour or climb the Giralda. Do follow the dress code.
  • Royal Alcazar of Seville, another masterpiece that you must visit, that has built layer upon layer of culture depending on who was ruling Andalucia. If you plan well, you will be able to visit the Royal apartments , booked separately.
  • Flamenco and Tapas; each can take an evening of your time and they should because they both originated in Seville. You should explore tapas tours in the city and plan well in advance for authentic flamenco shows (many of them are free!)
  • Triana! Do not be like so many visitors who don’t keep enough time to visit the genuinely local district of Triana across the river from the main sights. Go beyond the Inquisition museum, ceramic shops, and riverside bars. Walk deeper into the neighbourhood to see the local churches and lanes that tell stories of the people that built Seville.
  • Convent sweets. You will be fascinated to learn about Spanish convents that sell sweets made by cloistered nuns. Plan to visit one of the old convents to buy their specialty and support the upkeep of the place.

Seville is a base for so many kinds of daytrips around the Andalusia region . You can even visit Cordoba as a day trip, apart from numerous beach towns, white villages, and historical centres, all well connected to Seville by bus and train.

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