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Girona 1 day itinerary

What are the must-see attractions if I have a day in Girona? I plan to visit Girona province for a cycling trip with my friends, but we will be in the city only for a day.

Best Museums of Girona

I have heard Girona is famous for museums, what are the main Museums to consider visiting in Girona?

    Girona and Game of Thrones

    Which Locations in Girona are Featured in Game of Thrones Season 6?

      What and where to eat in Girona

      I am one who believes that there is no better way to explore a culture than to eat! I am at Girona for couple of days. What are dishes to try and where do I try them?

      Bike holiday in Girona

      I have heard hell a lot about biking holidays in Girona. If I were to stay in Girona for three to four days, can I go on a biking holiday. I do not care whether it is guided or not

      What is Girona famous for?

      What does Girona have of interest, is it worth it for a day trip excursion from Barcelona? We want to experience the culture and feel of a small town in Catalunya.

      See and do in Girona

      Planning a day trip to Girona from Barcelona. What is there to see and do in Girona?

      Girona souvenirs, what to buy?

      Is there anything traditional to buy from Girona or is it like anywhere in Spain? I don’t want to bother if there is nothing special to buy in Girona.

        Best bars in Girona

        What are the best places in Girona for a drink? I do not want to end up at a place full of tourists so give me some options.

        Girona overnight or day trip?

        We are definitely planning to visit Girona but unsure whether to return to Barcelona or stay the night? What can we do in 1.5 days in Girona?

          Girona bike and car combined itinerary

          How to combine cycling trip with driving around Girona and Costa Brava? Any recommended routes, any hotels with lockers for bikes?

          Girona and Figueres in a day

          Can we visit Girona and Figueres Dali Museum in a just one day from Barcelona? Where to start and how to plan the trip? We don’t drive

          Girona vs coastal town as base

          Is it better to make a base in Girona or a coastal town? We are planning a Costa Brava trip of 5 days.

            Girona cycling itinerary

            We are planning a recreational cycling trip in Girona. Can you give us suggestions on where to stay, what routes to take, any other advice?

            Parking in Girona

            We are driving around Costa Brava and will visit Girona for a day. What are the parking options in the city? Should we expect to pay?

            Car rental - Girona or Barcelona

            We plan to land in Barcelona, visit Girona and then drive around Costa Brava. Should I rent a car in Barcelona or in Girona?


            Girona is an important city in Catalonia at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Onyar, Galligants, and Güell. It is easily accessible as it only 100 km from Barcelona, 60 km from the French border and only 30 km from the beaches of Costa Brava.

            The historic city centre which is easily walkable features the famous cathedral, the Jewish quarter, the Moorish Arab Baths, the basilica of Sant Feliu, the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, among others.

            Girona is an important gastronomic destination. Foodies will find several prestigious restaurants, such as Restaurant Massana and El Celler de Can Roca , rated as the Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant Magazine .

            Girona has featured in many films and TV series. You can see Girona in Game of Thrones, I Want You, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and Soldiers of Salamina.

            Girona is a popular sports tourism destination with excellent facilities for running, cycling (road and ATB), swimming, athletics, and tennis. It is extremely popular with sportspersons looking for a suitable place to train and to improve their physical and technical performance.


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