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"French Basque" in Basque Region

French basque Country or Spanish Basque

Which is better for French basque Country or Spanish Basque country for the best Basque region experience.

Which French Basque towns from San Sebastian?

From San Sebastian we want to see French Basque towns, which ones can be seen on a day trip?

French Basque Country

Basques are perhaps the oldest civilization on the European continent,. The Basques are a distinct ethnic group characterised by the Basque language called Euskara, an ancient language that is not related to any other major linguistic family. The Basque Country is famous for its beaches around San Sebastian and scintillating modern architecture exemplified by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim museum Bilbao.

Basque Country is made up of seven provinces, three of which are in southwestern France. French Basque country can be visited as day trip from San Sebastian.

You could drive down from San Sebastian or go by bus. If you go by train, you will have to change trains at Irún, the border city as Spain and France has different track gauges.


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