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"Flamenco" in Madrid

Can I learn Flamenco in Madrid?

I want to learn some Flamenco when we visit Madrid. Where should I go - are there classes for beginners?

    Madrid Flamenco show reviews

    What are some local resident recommended places to see flamenco shows in Madrid?

    Watching Flamenco in Madrid

    Being the capital of Spain, Madrid attracts the best Flamenco talent from all over the country. You can be assured that you will be able to watch an authentic Flamenco performance in Madrid.

    The tablaos give you a choice of having dinner with your Flamenco show and they normally seat diners up ahead. Pick a place where there is no dinner and this way you will not lose on seating.

    There are Flamenco classes in Madrid for all levels, and some places will organize exclusive shows which may make sense if you are in a large group.


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