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Barcelona topics tagged Family

"Family" in Barcelona

Child friendly restaurants in Barcelona

Traveling as a family we always face a challenge to find places where we can be comfortable with our young kids 5 and 7. Can you recommend some child friendly restaurants in Barcelona? Will they have places for children to play around?

Things to do in Barcelona with teenagers

How can I keep irritable and bored teenagers busy in Barcelona? They have agreed to come with us on a family trip on the condition that they will have enough to do in Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona with kids

We will be visiting Spain in the spring, starting in Barcelona. Our children 9 and 13 are full of energy and can keep up with busy schedules; so it is important that they have lots to do. What are attractions and activities we can consider in our Barcelona itinerary ?

Family beaches in Sitges

We are worried that our children may be embarrassed if we take them to Sitges beaches. Are there any suitable Sitges beaches for the family?

Is it worth going to Port Aventura

We are here at Barcelona with two teens. We have a day to spare, should we plan a trip to Port Aventura?

Barcelona is child friendly

Barcelona is an extremely child friendly city. If you are traveling with children, make sure your itinerary is not restricted to just architecture and museums but includes sights and activities that appeal to children.

Eating out in Barcelona with children

It is common for Barcelona residents to take their children out with them at night. Thus, restaurants are used to catering to fussy eaters. They may not have high seats and specially designed menu, but they will serve with love and care. If you are worried and prefer restaurants with child friendly menu and activity centres, go out to one of Barcelona’s child friendly restaurants. Local residents eat quite late, so should you choose to eat early, then you can avoid the crowds.

Vacation rentals over hotels

Most hotels in Barcelona are child friendly. If you are travelling as a family, it might be advantageous to book a short term vacation rental over a hotel. Short term apartments are bigger and feature child friendly amenities. If you stay in a self-catered apartment, you can prepare breakfast and also meet special dietary requirements of your child. Be it a hotel or a vacation rental; make sure it is located right in the city centre.

Local transport children

Barcelona is a compact city rather than a sprawling metropolis. Most of the attractions in Barcelona can be reached by walking on flat roads. When needed, the best way to travel around in Barcelona is to use metro or bus. It is better ti buy the multi user T10 Travel Pass. You need to swipe for your child, if they are aged 4 and above. The long distance Renfe trains offer 40% discount to children under 14.

Travelling with Infants

Barcelona is a stroller friendly city. Roads have ramps at pedestrian crossing, most metro stations have elevators and buses have an assigned area for strollers. You can also hire strollers by the day. Unfortunately, there are not many facilities for diaper changing, you will have to get used to it.

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