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"Eat Drink" in Granada

Where can we eat at Alhambra?

I have my tickets to Alhambra booked. What are the options for food within Alhambra complex ?

What to eat in Granada?

What to eat in Granada? Where to eat in Granada?

    Where can I try a Sacromonte Omelette in Granada?

    I am a foodie and I want to make sure I have a Sacromonte Omelette on my trip to Granada. Where is the best place to go for a Sacromonte Omelette in Granada?

      Granada Cuisine

      The gastronomy of Granada celebrates Arab-Spanish fusion. Moors ruled Granada for 800 years and left an indelible mark on Granada’s culture and cuisine.

      Moorish Influence

      Moorish influence on the cuisine is seen in the use of flavours like cinnamon and cumin. Use of vinegar for preservation of meat and fish also has a strong Moorish signature.

      Tapas in Granada

      Tapas are main-stay of Granada’s food scene. At Granada, you still get tapas free with your drink. In Granada, tapas are not restricted to traditional Andalusian ones, you have Chinese tapas bar as well as Moroccan tapas bar. Tapas is such an integral part of Granada, you must visit one even if you are in Granada for day. This post of Granada in one day recommends one of the best tapas bar in Granada.

      Meal timings in Granada

      • Breakfast : served from 7.30am until around 11.30am
      • Menú del dia : served from 1.30pm until 4pm
      • Merienda: served from 5pm-8pm
      • Dinner: 8.30pm onwards

      Food at Alhambra

      If you choose the right time-slot to visit Alhambra, you can stay at the complex for almost an entire day. The food outlets at Alhambra are average. The best one is the kiosk in the courtyard between the Alcazaba and the Charles Palace. Restaurant attached to Parador hotel serve average lunch, though priced on the higher side.

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