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Florence topics tagged Eat Drink

"Eat Drink" in Florence

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        What to eat and drink in Florence

        Florence and Tuscany have amazing unique cuisine that is based on ‘cucina povera’. This simple means that there is an approach of using everything, including leftovers, and not wasting food or produce.

        In Florence be sure to try:
        • Bistecca alla Fiorentina: The traditional steak of Florence. This must traditionally be from the Chianina beef, raised in the Chiana Valley of Tuscany.
        • Gelato: Available all over the lanes of Florence, all year round. Look for pastel colors to identify the real gelato without artificial coloring or flavoring.
        • Negroni: A simple, refreshing aperitif, invented in Florence 100 years ago. Equal parts gin, campari, and red vermouth.
        • Lampredotto: Common man’s street food from medieval times, available all over the city. Basically a tripe sandwich!
        • Schiacciata: A salty bread, eaten as a snack, with or without toppings.

        As in many tourist towns, you should try and avoid the restaurants in the big squares like Piazza della Signoria, because they are full of one-time patrons and the prices are high. Try food at drink at a local trattoria, or enoteca. A Trattoria is less formal than a restaurant, and an enoteca will serve you wine from all over the region, along with some snacks.


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