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"Eat Drink" in Rome

Traditional Roman food to try

What to try and where to try traditional food in Rome?

    Food markets in Rome

    Which are the best food markets in Rome ?

    Street food in Rome

    Can you share some practical tips on street foods in Rome? Would like to relish local food yet eat cheap in Rome

      Lunch and dinner timings in Rome

      What are typical lunch and dinner timings in Rome? Will they serve early for children?

        Vegetarian restaurants in Rome

        Which are the best vegetarian restaurants in Rome?

          Child Friendly Restaurants in Rome

          Which are some of recommended child friendly restaurants in Rome?
          what to eat and drink in Rome

          What to eat and drink in Rome

          Italian food has so much to offer and especially in Rome you are lucky. Rome has the best food from all over Italy, apart from traditional food of the Lazio region. When you are in Rome you must visit the local restaurants and bars to get a taste of the best dishes of the region.

          Lunch and Dinner You have your lunch and dinner at either trattoria or at an osteria. Today, these words are used interchangeably as they mean the same. Traditionally, trattorias were family owned restaurants serving unassuming, conventional local food. “Ristorante” meant a full service restaurant, with a host or hostess to seat you. Osterias were wine bars that also served food.
          In Rome, the timings for lunch are 12noon to 3pm). You can have your dinner from 7:30pmto 11pm. A decent-sized meal, including house wine, will cost from €20-€30.

          If you are staying in Rome for more than 3 days, you should plan to have your lunch in one of food markets of Rome.


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