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Basque Region topics tagged Eat Drink

"Eat Drink" in Basque Region

What to eat and drink in San Sebastian?

What are must try traditional food and drinks in San Sebastian? Where in San Sebastian to go for these?

How to eat Pintxos?

How do residents in Basque country eat Pintxos? Where should I go to eat Pintxos in Bilbao?

Which Bilbao food markets to visit?

Are there local food markets worth visiting in Bilbao? Can we try street food?

Basque Cider House recommendations

What are the best areas to go for cider houses in the Spanish Basque country?

    San Sebastian best pintxo bars?

    What are the locally recommended Pintxo bars to visit in San Sebastian old town? We love food and on our short stay, we want to get an authentic pintxo bar experience.

    Food and Drink

    Basque country is known for its culinary prowess and the wine region that surround Basque region. Tourism is flourishing in Basque country with growing interest in food and wine travel. Highlight of touring Basque country is tasting the region’s signature dish—pintxos (pronounced “PEEN-chos”), the Basque equivalent of tapas. When in Basque country, hop from bar to bar, selecting one or two pintxos and washing them down with local wine.

    Today San Sebastian is known as much for its Gastrotourism as it is for its beaches. It helps when you have highest per capita of Michelin restaurants in the world.

    Any itinerary of Basque Country tour must include a tour of the famed Rioja Alavesa wine region, an hour-and-a-half drive south of Bilbao and San Sebastian. At Rioja , you will find endless vistas of vineyards and of course the Bodegas.


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