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Seville topics tagged Eat Drink

"Eat Drink" in Seville

What to drink in Seville

Any traditional drink to try in Seville? What to drink with tapas in Seville?

    Food to try in Seville

    What are the must-try dishes and where should we go for these? We are not foodies but want to make sure we try the typical local food of Seville.

      Which Cooking classes in Seville?

      Is there somewhere I can enroll for a cooking class in Seville?

        Seville tapas tours - worth it?

        Is a tapas tour in Seville worth it? Which is the best tapas tour and should we combine tapas and flamenco on the same tour? What about self guided tapas tours?

        Seville - Foodie's Paradise

        Seville is a foodie’s delight. It is close to the coast and hence you will find wide variety of sea food. The hills around Seville breed the Iberian blackfooted pigs an important ingredient of famous the best-known Spanish gourmet food; Jamón Iberico de Bellota.

        Tapas originated in Andalucía. At Seville, you can find some of the most authentic creative tapas bars. One such must-visit is El Rinconcillo, in the central district. El Rinconcillo is said to have been one of the pioneers of tapas culture.

        Historically, Andalusian region came under strong influence of North African Moors. Andalusian cuisine is unique as it has a strong influence of both Europe and Moorish region. At the Arab-style bathhouse in the Santa Cruz district , you will find many Moorish inspired tea houses.

        West of Seville is the famous Sherry triangle.While in Seville, sherry is one of the drink you must try in Seville. A must-visit bar in Seville is Bar Garlochí, a very touristy bar with figures of the Virgin Mary and images of Christ in every corner.


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