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Seville topics tagged Daytrip

"Daytrip" in Seville

Recommended beaches from Seville.

What are some nice beaches to visit from Seville, for a day trip excursion? How to go there?

    Recommended daytrips from Seville

    Which are the some places we can visit as daytrips from Seville? We have a day, maybe two days for excursions around Seville. This is our first visit to Andalusia.

      Seville to Cadiz day trip

      How to plan a day trip to Cadiz beach from Seville?

        White villages from Seville

        What to expect in white villages tour from Seville? Should we go on an organized tour or on our own?

          Cordoba vs Granada

          Cordoba or Granada as a day trip from Seville?

            Excursions from Seville

            Seville is the capital of Andalusia. With Seville as your station, you can visit most of the towns in the region as a day trip. Ronda, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera are 3 most popular excursions from Seville. Apart from these 3 towns, you can also plan a trip to one of the many great Andalusian beaches that are around Seville. Of late, 'pueblos blancos' circuit of small villages with narrow winding lanes and rural stone houses have become very popular.

            You could visit Granada as a day trip from Seville but that is not advisable as it is too tiring. You could visit Cordoba on your way from Madrid to Seville.


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