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"Day Trip" in Basque Region

Excursions from Bilbao

Are there any places worth visiting from Bilbao or should we just pack our bags and head for San Sebastian after spending a day in Bilbao?

Daytrips from San Sebastian

What day trips from San Sebastian are worth going for? Should we stay in Spain or is French Basque region also worth seeing?

Day Trips

Basque country is a small region. Most tourists either stay at San Sebastian or Bilbao or split the time evenly between San Sebastian and Bilbao and explore the coast and wine country as day trips.

You do not need car between towns and to explore Bilbao and San Sebastian as public transportation is fairly efficient. For instance, the airport bus from Bilbao will take you directly into San Sebastian in about an hour.

Renting a car is recommended to do the day trips. If you are staying for four days in San Sebastian, you are better off renting the car from day 3 when you are ready to do the day trips.


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