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Rome topics tagged Before You Go

"Before You Go" in Rome

Where to stay in Rome?

Which is the best area of Rome to stay in as tourist?

How much will my trip to Rome cost?

What is the cost of eating out in rome ? accommodation cost?

What to prebook in Rome?

Which are the museum tickets that I need to book in advance?

What to pack for Rome?

Planning to travel to Rome this summer. What to pack for visit to Rome?

    Cheap trip to Rome

    How to plan cheap and inexpensive trip to Rome?

      Rome - Before you go

       Planning your trip to Rome

      Rome needs advance planning for your trip to be successful. So you should make sure that you have the following aspects sorted out before you book your tickets and hotels for Rome.

      Best time to visit Rome

      Rome is at its best in the part of the summer when it is not too hot, and when it is not too crowded. July to September is probably the worst time to go to Rome. Winters can get cold and wet in Rome so many visitors avoid it unless they are traveling on a budget. Rome has many conferences and events throughout the year so you should watch out for times when rates could spike.

      How many days to spend?

      There are so many ways to see Rome depending on how much time you have. Most visitors to Rome plan to spend at least 3 or 4 days to get a proper experience of the major attractions and for a good feel of the city. But there are enough numbers who come for a day or two and still manage to take away wonderful memories of Rome. Those who stay longer in Rome are able to visit day trip destinations around the city, as well as experience the best of local Rome in its neighbourhoods.

      Where to stay in Rome?

      Where you stay in Rome will greatly depend on how much time you have a what kind of a visitor you are. For example if you have a short visit planned, you will be best off staying in the expensive but convenient Centro Storico where most of the major attractions are. With a longer stay possibility you can start to take advantage of cheaper prices in the outer districts like Trastevere. If you see yourself as the Vatican sort, then Prati might make the most sense to you.

      Advance Bookings

      Colosseum, including its famous Underground tour, Vatican museums,Borghese Gallery and Palazzo Farnese require advance booking.


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