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"Alcazar" in Seville

Cathedral and Alcazar - combined ticket

Is there a combined ticket to visit the Seville Cathedral and Alcazar? We plan to visit both on the same day.

Is Alcazar and Cuarto Real Alto ticket worth?

Is the combined Alcázar + Cuarto Real Alto ticket worth buying? Is the timeslot valid only for entry to the place or is to visit Alcazar?

Seville Alcazar night visit?

We are planning a 3 days, summer trip to Seville. I am tempted to book the Alcazar night tour instead of the day tour. We want to avoid the heat with kids. What is your advice?

    Seville Alcazar free entry

    I am confused; can we enter Alcazar of Seville for free at certain times? We did manage to visit Prado for free but the Alcazar website is in Spanish and also not clear about free entry timings.

    What is Cuarto Real tour?

    Is it worth going on the Cuarto Real tour when we visit the Seville Alcazar? What is this tour exactly?

    The Alcazar is a must visit UNESCO attraction of Seville and you must book your visit in advance unless you are lucky to get a free entry to Alcazar by planning your visit accordingly.

    Many visitors realize that the Cathedral and Alcazar are next door and wonder about a combined ticket to visit both attractions; while there’s no single ticket, certainly you can visit them both in a day.

    Most visitors take the standard Alcazar tour with an audio guide. It is true that you don’t need a personal guide to see the Alcazar. Spanish Renaissance and Arab influences can be seen at the Alcazar, where some rooms were made by the same team that did the interiors of Granada's Alhambra.

    You should consider booking the Cuarto Alto Real royal apartments guided tour to see the living quarters of the Spanish Royal family. Another fascinating option is the night visit of the Alcazar where costumed performers enact the lives of former residents.

    Make sure to visit the gardens after you are done with the interior of the palace. Many scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed here. When you visit the Alcazar gardens carry a hat and sunglasses in the summer because the gardens are quite nice to spend time in and you may want to walk around in some areas that are not shaded.|/p\

    The Seville Alcazar is more than 1000 years old and the complex was first developed as a fort. It has seen many major transformations over the cultures and centuries to make it the magnet attraction it is today. Be sure to read up about the various palaces and patios that make up the Alcazar, before you go.

    Puerta del León or Lion Gate is where you enter the Alcazar complex as a visitor, leading into the Patio del Leon, which is flanked by the Justicia hall that leads to the Almohad palace. As you walk through the Alcazar you will see the rooms and environment changing from Moorish to Renaissance to Gothic and this is the beauty of the complex. Successive rulers respected the past and built upon it.

    The exit of the palace complex is via the gardens with fountains and calm pools. While the most popular part is the raised porticoes and the maze of hedges (children like this), you should also go to Jardín de la Danza and follow the passage the leads to the beautiful bath grotto of Dona Maria de Padilla.


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