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Rome - Hotels, Neighbourhoods and other Accommodation options

Rome - Hotels and Neighbourhoods

The capital city of Italy is large and sprawling. It can be overwhelming in its size and the amount to do and to see while you’re there. There are a number of options when choosing where to stay. You’ll first want to decide on the Rome neighborhood that best suits your needs. Would you like to be somewhere very central which means it will be easily for you to access all the tourist attractions but will also be very congested with said tourists, or would you like to be somewhere more locally focused? This is only a matter of personal preference. Here are our suggestions for both options, and more:

The neighborhoods of Rome:

Testaccio and the Aventine Hill

Aventine Hill, south of the city center, is one of the seven hills upon which Rome was built. Today, hidden away enough from the onslaught of tourists around the colosseum this area is known for its food.

Testaccio and the Aventine Hill - One of the best area to stay in Rome

From trattorias to the main produce market of the city foodies will find a little slice of their heaven right here. The area also has plenty to see including some great, old churches and viewpoints. You’re also not far from bigger attractions, the colosseum can be reached in a 30-minute walk.

An affordable mid-range option with clean, basic comforts is Seven Suites. Staff speak a multitude of languages and are happy to help. The location is great, you’re not far from the river and right in a perfect area for exploring. You should be able to find a room for about €100/night.

Chic, upscale and dare we say, very Italian, is San Anselmo. Decorated with marble throughout, gold and dark décor, moody lighting and extra frills create a vibe that makes you think ‘when in Rome!’ With prices under €200 for a double room per night this is a great option for a bit of luxury that won’t break the bank.

Campo de’ Fiori

While technically a very central neighborhood the area around Campo de’ Fiori lacks the chaos of its adjacent neighborhoods because it doesn’t have huge tourist attractions directly in it. However, there is still plenty to keep you busy and happy. There’s a food market directly in the square, shopping and eating to do in the surrounding medieval streets and lively but sophisticated nightlife.

 |Campo de’ Fiori|  - recommended area to stay in Rome

Boutique Hotel Campo de Fiori offers just what the name would suggest, a boutique experience, steps from the plaza. The rooms are plushly decorated and reminiscent of how the royals must have lived in this area many years ago. The staff here are wonderful and the rooms are spotless. A room will cost you around €120/night.

Just across the street you’ll find an equivalent option in terms of comfort and cleanliness at Guestlovers, but with a much more modern feel to the décor. Rooms will run you similarly, around €120/night.

Centro Storico

The most central neighborhood is centro storico which encompasses the area around Piazza Navona, The Pantheon and The Trevi Fountain, so, the big-ticket items. All this convenience translates into a very crowded, very expensive area. But, if you’re short on time or love the hustle and bustle, this is the spot for you. You won’t miss out on anything there is to see with this perfectly central location!

A two-minute walk down the street from the Trevi fountain is the chic and clean Relais Trevi 95 Boutique Hotel. The hotel has only a limited number of rooms so your stay will be quite personal with extremely friendly staff. There is a large included breakfast. You can get your quiet, peaceful room on the busy street of the Trevi fountain for around €170/night.

A three-star option, just around the corner from the street with the Trevi fountain you’ll find Trevi 41 Hotel. Another small, comfortable option this one is a bit more basic but still packs in all the essentials. There is a business on the first floor which plays music fairly late, so request a room higher up to get to bed earlier. Rooms here go for around €120/night.


Historically, Monti was the red-light district of Rome. It’s come a long way since then. Today you’ll find small, boutique Italian designers, local trattorias, and a nightlife that exists but is nothing wild. You’ll get a suburban feel to life in this part of the city and you’ll be far from the hordes of tourists in the center but you have excellent metro connections to see the sites that need to be seen.

 Monti has many small, boutique Italian hotels

Clean, modern and bright are some adjectives that may pop into your mind when you enter your room at The Fifteen Keys Hotel. Breakfast is big and will set you off on the right foot for your day of exploring. The staff is friendly, the location and neighborhood are highly praised by guests. Do ask for a room on a higher level as the ground floor may not be ideal for light sleepers. A night at the Fifteen Keys will set you back about €180.

For a more luxury stay with a rooftop hotel and Jacuzzi check out Villa Spalletti Trivelli. You’ll find a small but beautifully designed hotel where staff are available but unobtrusive. Breakfast is included and drinks are available on the rooftop. Everything at this hotel is absolutely outstanding. A night in a double room will cost you about €300/night.

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