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Seville - Hotels, Neighbourhoods and other Accommodation options

Seville - Hotels and Neighbourhoods

Seville isn’t a huge city so you’ll never be that far from anything. But you still want to take into consideration where you’re staying to make the most of the time you have there and be in the area that best suits your interests and needs/

The neighborhoods

El Arenal

The Arenal district is right in the historical city center of Seville, it’s on the east river bank and has everything you need very easily accessible. From shopping to drinking and bullfighting to flamenco dancing you won’t have to go far for anything. As good as this may all sound keep in mind that the Spanish love to party and in a downtown area like this the festivities, and the noises that come along with them, will continue well into the wee hours of the morning.

Recommended hotels in El Arenal

Remarkably, even with the busy, noisy nightlife you just might be in luck with a good night’s rest at Hotel Las Casa de El Arenal. Decorated in classic Spanish style and with friendly Spanish receptionists to match this is a great mid-range option with rooms going for around €175/night. The only thing to consider if you cannot park at the hotel and if you come by car you’ll have to find a public, most likely paid, spot.

The rooms may be smaller at Adriano Hotel, but with its title as a boutique hotel this is to be expected. The location is ideal, just behind the bull fighting ring and around plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars. Recommendations from the staff are plentiful and helpful. Unfortunately, this hotel also does not have free parking but can park your car for an additional €18/day on top of the low room fee of about €100/night, depending on time of year.

Barrio Santa Cruz

Just east of El Arenal, back from the riverbank lay the cobblestoned streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Just like El Arenal, Santa Cruz is full of tapas bars and cafes, dancing, singing, drinking and laughing. But unlike Arenal, Santa Cruz is full of hidden alleyways, tiny plazas and beautiful balconies. You’ll have a better chance of finding a secluded corner and perhaps a better night’s sleep in this part of town, while still ensuring you’re very nearby everything you’ve come for.

Hotels in Barrio Santa Cruz

 Barrio Santa Cruz is central location in Seville and should be first stay option

A perfect choice that checks all the boxes is Hotel Dona Maria. With a perfect location and some rooms overlooking the plaza out front you have ample option of restaurants and bars to choose from. If you’re not looking to go far you can head to the in-house bar, open to the public, or the rooftop pool, exclusive to guests. Breakfast is great. You might have to brush up on your Spanish skills as some of the staff don’t have exceptional English here.

Las Casas de la Juderia, at around €100/night is a fun experience. The hotel is a bit of a maze and you’ll have to make your way up and down and through passageways to get to your room. But it adds a bit of excitement. The rooms are not modern but rather quite traditional with lots of wood still around. There is a small rooftop pool and a big, filling breakfast included.


Triana is emerging as an hot spot. It is situated on the left side of the Guadalquivir River and connected to the city by the iconic Puente de Triana. There are enough things to see and do in Triana to keep you occupied for at least a week. If you scout around, you can get excellent accommodation with reasonable tariff. Previously, the neighborhood was only preferred by backpackers but now with many short term vacation rentals on offer, even families are beginning to prefer Triana neighborhood.

La Cartuja

The area which is almost entirely an island is home to ample green space. It’s slightly removed from the city but not so much so that you can’t access it quickly and regularly. La Cartuja has many of the expos built for the 1992 Universal Exposition which today are regularly used for conferences. So, if the reason you’re in town has more to do with work than this is a good area to stay.

Barcelo Sevilla Renacimiento has more of an all-inclusive resort feel and really, truly hides you away from the hustle of downtown. The hotel is expansive but quiet. It has a large pool and included breakfast as well as a café on the premise, though the prices here are high for the area. Expect to pay around €100/night for a room.

Ribera de Triana Hotel, at around €75/night, dependent on the season, is in a good area with a short walk into the Triana neighborhood of the island and the bars on offer there. The hotel has a small pool and a rooftop bar with great city views. The rooms aren’t the quietest, especially with music from the bar.

La Macarena

This is the perfect neighborhood for people who really like to get to know a place the way the locals do. There is plenty going on here but instead of being surrounded by selfie sticks you’ll get to drink and dance the night away with the locals of Seville. You’re a bit of a walk to the center but it’s easy enough to get back and forth for daytime sightseeing.

Hotels in La Macarena

A mid-range hotel with a huge, spacious pool is Hotel Seville Macarena. Expect to pay around €200/night and take advantage of the cool water for a midday cool off! The rooms are comfortable and you can eat a buffet breakfast each morning. You also have an onsite bar but really, in this area, you’ll want to explore.

Patio de la Alameda beckons with its bright, welcoming interior courtyard, clean rooms, and open terrace bar with great views. This is more of an upscale option at just over €300/night but it just may be worth it! The hotel is in a perfect, pedestrianized area with lots of exploring options. Yet the rooms are quiet and you’ll get a good nights sleep here.

For couples: A wonderfully romantic hotel option, centrally located in the El Arenal neighborhood, is Mercer Hotel Seville. This place pulls out all the stops welcoming you with a bright, sunny interior lobby, a full bar on site, and a lap pool on the roof. For an exception stay get a room with a private terrace and fill up on Seville’s sunshine. Expect to pay upwards of €300/night.

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