Orientation to Madrid

Why visit Madrid?

Spain's capital Madrid is full of museums and art, manicured parks and historic monuments. Located in the centre of Spain, Madrid is the seat of Spanish Royalty, government and culture. A thriving centre of Bullfighting, tapas and flamenco, Madrid is a microcosm of all the diversity of Spain.

Madrid Trip Planning

Best time to visit Madrid

Like most of Spain, the summer months of July and August are peak tourist season, hot and crowded. So unless you are following a school holidays schedule, you are best off avoiding the peak months in Madrid. Festivals and cultural activities start with the onset of spring.

Unlike Barcelona, Madrid has many attractions which are not weather dependent, for example the famous museums and places can be visited any time of the year.

Things to see and do in Madrid

Being the capital of Spain, the government has encouraged a strong regional representation of food and culture form all parts of the country in Madrid. For example, it is entirely possible to enjoy authentic Flamenco and Tapas in Madrid, even if you do not plan to visit Andalusia.

Besides, Museums and Royalty are big themes to explore in Madrid.

Languages spoken in Madrid

Madrid is an international city with a large tourist inflow all through the year. So English is the second most understood language after Spanish. As a visitor to Madrid, you will not have a problem with getting aroundin English.

Catalan, Galician and Basque are other regional languages spoken in parts of Madrid.

Eat and Drink in Madrid

Madrid has many food markets and cuisines from all over Spain, in addition to a vibrant nightlife.

The Menu del Dia is the famous must try set lunch.

And evenings in Madrid are for Gin and Tonic!


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