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Seville Experts Curated Travel Answers

Seville Cathedral mass timings

I would like to coincide my Seville Cathedral sightseeing visit with attending mass. What are mass timings at the Cathedral? Is there English mass?

Flamenco for free in Seville

Is it really possible to watch good flamenco for free in Seville? How to do this and what are the best free flamenco bars to visit? Is the performance really for free?

Seville cathedral dress code

How strict is the dress code at Seville cathedral

Seville Cathedral tickets - Where to buy?

What is the best way to advance book Seville Cathedral tickets? Is online booking necessary, and ticket lines long? Official website is not user friendly and only in Spanish.

What to do in Triana?

Can you share some useful tips to visit Triana if I want to spend only half a day there but I do not want to miss the interesting things?

Seville Cathedral roof tour

Is the Cathedral roof tour worth doing? Which is better, Seville Cathedral roof tour or Giralda climb? When is the mass and worship held?

Is Alcazar and Cuarto Real Alto ticket worth?

Is the combined Alcázar + Cuarto Real Alto ticket worth buying? Is the timeslot valid only for entry to the place or is to visit Alcazar?

Where to shop in Seville for good and cheap souvenirs?

We want to buy some unique souvenirs from Seville, along with a few cheaper gifts? What would you recommend and where in Seville to buy them?

How much to budget for a day in Seville?

As a couple traveling to Seville how much should we budget to spend on our holiday? We are not luxury seekers but a clean and safe hotel is important. We like to eat well and for sure will have a few drinks in the evenings.

Seville Alcazar free entry

I am confused; can we enter Alcazar of Seville for free at certain times? We did manage to visit Prado for free but the Alcazar website is in Spanish and also not clear about free entry timings.

Cathedral free hours

When can I visit Seville Cathedral for free and can I also climb the Giralda tower during this time?

Where to buy ceramics in Seville?

Which is the shop recommended by experts for those wanting to buy traditional, authentic ceramic items from Seville?

What is Cuarto Real tour?

Is it worth going on the Cuarto Real tour when we visit the Seville Alcazar? What is this tour exactly?

Where to stay in Seville?

Does it matter where we stay in Seville? We are there for 2 nights on a mid range budget. We want to see the entire city, not just the historic quarter.

Flamenco for kids

I have a free night with family in Seville. Where can I go for a flamenco show with my kids, ages 9 and 6? Do children enjoy flamenco performances; are they allowed to watch the show?

Seville in 2 days

I have only 2 days to visit Seville. Can you recommend an itinerary for this; what will we cover and what will we miss in just 2 days in Seville?

Seville Alcazar night visit?

We are planning a 3 days, summer trip to Seville. I am tempted to book the Alcazar night tour instead of the day tour. We want to avoid the heat with kids. What is your advice?

Seville in 3 days

Finally I have a 3 day Seville trip planned. How should I spend these days if I want to go beyond the main attractions of Seville?

Cathedral and Alcazar - combined ticket

Is there a combined ticket to visit the Seville Cathedral and Alcazar? We plan to visit both on the same day.

Can we bike around Parque de Maria Luisa?

We like to walk and cycle around new cities. We plan to spend an afternoon at Maria Luisa Park; can we bike around? What are park timings and are there any restrictions?

Is Seville best base to explore Andalucia?

Our 7 day Andalusia trip will cover Seville , Granada, and Cordoba. Where should we make a base, Seville or elsewhere? We also want to do day trips to small towns.

Free things to do in Seville

What are the free and interesting things to do in Seville?

2 days or 3 days in Seville ?

I am not sure if I should spend a 3rd day in Seville on top of my 2 day plan. What will I gain? I already have a day trip planned so my question is only for Seville.

Bicycles and Sevici

Can I rent a Sevici bike in Seville as a visitor? Are there other bike rental services? Do you recommend bike rentals in Seville and what are the rates?

Cordoba in 1 day

I am planning a full day trip from Seville to Cordoba. Besides the Mezquita what else is worth seeing in Cordoba?

Seville in 1 day

I have only 1 full day in Seville on my short trip to Andalusia. What should I focus on and what should I skip on this quick trip?

Vacation rentals in Seville

Which is the recommended site for booking vacation rentals in Seville. Which neighborhood is preferable?

Does Giralda need a separate ticket?

When we visit Seville Cathedral, does climbing the Giralda bell tower need a separate ticket? What is the ticket price and where to get it?

Seville in 4 days

Seville has so much to see that we have planned 4 days to visit. What is the best 4 day Seville plan for an immersion beyond the main sights?

Star Wars Plaza de Espana

Is it true that Seville’s Plaza de Espana was a location for Star Wars film shoots? Can you tell me about some other films shot here before I visit?

Seville tapas tours - worth it?

Is a tapas tour in Seville worth it? Which is the best tapas tour and should we combine tapas and flamenco on the same tour? What about self guided tapas tours?

Flamenco festivals in Seville

Are there flamenco festivals in Seville; when are they, and is it worth visiting during that time of the year?

What to do with kids in Seville

Will children get bored on a visit to Seville; what is there for kids to do? We want to make sure there is something we can do as a family beyond the main attractions.

Seville horse carriage tour

Is the horse carriage tour worth taking in Seville? Where should we hire the tour and what is the route?

Cathedral guided tour

Do I need to go on a guided tour of the Cathedral in Seville? How long should I plan for the visit?

Where to go for flamenco in Triana

I have heard that most authentic flamenco performances are in Triana quarter. Which are the recommended places to go in Triana for flamenco?

Seville for kids

What are the things to do in Seville with children?

What to see in Metropol Parasol?

What can we see and do within Metropol Parasol

Seville to Cadiz day trip

How to plan a day trip to Cadiz beach from Seville?

Which are the recommended Hamams in Seville?

Should I go to a Seville hamam, which are the best and how much do they cost? Do locals also go to hamams in Seville or is it a tourist trap?

Flamenco school for flamenco lessons

I want to learn some Flamenco on my visit to Seville? What are the best flamenco schools in Seville? Do they accept beginners.

Flamenco souvenirs

What are flamenco souvenirs that can be purchased at Seville?

Museum of Fine arts worth visiting?

In just 2 days in Seville, is it worth going to the Museum of fine arts? How much time should we keep for this visit?

White villages from Seville

What to expect in white villages tour from Seville? Should we go on an organized tour or on our own?

Seville nightlife area and accommodation

Where to stay in Seville for the best nightlife?

Closest water parks from Seville

Which are the closest water parks from Seville?

Seville Apps

What are the useful apps you can recommend for visitors in Seville?

Cordoba vs Granada

Cordoba or Granada as a day trip from Seville?

Flamenco without tourists

Is there any place in Seville where we can watch Flamenco without a commercial tourist crowd? I am a tourist myself but I want to observe the atmosphere of local flamenco in Seville.

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