Madrid Club charges and dress code

Are cover charges high and dress codes strict in Madrid clubs? Not too fancy and not too expensive is what we are looking for on our evening out in Madrid.

How many days in Madrid is enough?

Only 12 full days in Spain, how much time to plan for a not-rushed experience of Madrid?

Madrid Flamenco show reviews

What are some local resident recommended places to see flamenco shows in Madrid?

Where to try Menu del Dia in Madrid?

Which are the best local places for Menu del Dia experience in Madrid?

Recommended tours in Madrid

For a first time visitor to Madrid, which are the recommended tours to experience the vibe of Madrid

Four day Itinerary for Madrid

How to plan 4 days in Madrid? Can you suggest a practical and not rushed 4-day Itinerary for Madrid.

Review of Madrid's city sightseeing bus

Reviews and recommendations for sightseeing (HOHO) bus in Madrid? Is it worth the money and the time?

What to eat and drink in Madrid?

What are must-try local Madrid food and drink for our first visit to Madrid? Not foodies but we like local food.

Where to fashion shop in Madrid?

Spanish designs are world famous and known to be affordable also. Where can I go fashion shopping in Madrid?

What to do in Madrid at night?

What are Madrid night activities, and best areas to experience Madrid nightlife and atmosphere on a short trip?

Bargain hunting in Madrid

Which are the best areas for bargain shoppers. When do you have major sales season in Madrid?

Must try drinks in Madrid

What are the traditional Spanish drinks that I need to try in Madrid?

Can I learn Flamenco in Madrid?

I want to learn some Flamenco when we visit Madrid. Where should I go - are there classes for beginners?

Madrid nightlife suggestions

Clubs, bars, cover charges, nightlife areas...we want advice on all these for Madrid. We are a young couple and want to enjoy the Madrid nightlife.

Where to stay in Madrid

Does proximity to attractions,convenience,transport,safety etc. matter in Madrid? Which is the best neighbourhood for us to stay on a short trip to Madrid?

Suggest vacation rental agencies in Madrid

I need to rent a holiday apartment in Madrid. Which are the reputed local agencies dealing in vacation rentals?

Reviews of local markets in Madrid

Besides Mercado San Miguel, what are local markets where residents go in Madrid?

When is best to visit Madrid?

When is the best time to visit Madrid. Any events to avoid or coincide with our Madrid visit? Good weather is also important.

Tapas class in Madrid

Is it possible to learn tapas cooking on our visit to Madrid? Where should we go?

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