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Madrid Experts Curated Travel Answers

Madrid Museum Pass. Worth it?

Museum entry costs can add up. Is the Madrid Museum Pass worth it for an average visitor.

Best souvenirs from Madrid

What are unique souvenirs and gifts to buy from Madrid? We do not have much time, so please recommend shops for authentic souvenirs and gifts. Are there any suggestions for shipping?

Madrid Travel Pass Reviews

Is Madrid travel pass worth it? Are single journey tickets or another option better than Madrid travel pass?

Toledo knife and other souvenirs

Where to buy a Toledo knife? Also, what are some other souvenirs that we can buy in Toledo?

How many days in Toledo?

Should we visit Toledo as a day trip or should we spend a few days at Toledo? How many days should we spend in Toledo?

Toledo or Segovia?

Help me choose between Toledo and Segovia for a day trip from Madrid

Toledo in one day?

Can you suggest a plan to spend a day in Toledo? What to see and do? How to travel from Madrid (bus or train)?

Cheap travel from Barcelona to Madrid

What is the best way to travel cheap from Barcelona to Madrid? Is there an overnight train? Are there any attractions enroute? How can I buy tickets for the fast train cheap? [book in advance/ class etc]

Visiting Prado museum free

Any tips on visiting Prado Museum in Madrid for free?

Madrid in 3 Days

Can we see Madrid properly in just 3 days? What are the must see places and what can we skip? Will we have time to go for a day trip also? We cannot spare more than 3 days for Madrid.

Prado in 2 hours

How to visit Prado in 2 hours? We cannot afford to spend all day at Prado. What are the highlights?how much time to spend at Prado?

Madrid tickets in advance?

For which attractions in Madrid, should we buy our tickets in advance?

Madrid visit plan with children

Keen to find out about the can't-miss activities and attractions to visit during our first family trip to Madrid with the kids.

Madrid city break

Planning a long weekend trip to Madrid. Can local residents share tips to make my city break memorable.

Segovia in one day?

How to plan a day trip to Segovia? Do you recommend a bus or train to get to Segovia? What is there to see and do in Segovia?

What are the free things to do in Madrid?

What are some of the interesting things to do for free in Madrid?

Salamanca day trip worth it?

Suppose we have a day to spare on our Madrid visit, is it worthwhile to go to Salamanca as day trip? Of course, we have prioritized visiting Toledo and Segovia over Salamanca.

Safety and precautions in Madrid

I am a nervous traveller and will be in Madrid for the first time. Please list precautions that we should take during our stay. Also, what are the areas to avoid in Madrid?

Madrid Zone T pass enough?

Which are the attractions that are not in Zone-T (public transport 10 trip pass) in Madrid?

Toledo Cathedral dress code

Planning a trip to Toledo. Is there a dress code to follow when we visit the Cathedral in Toledo?

1 day in Madrid

We are passing through Madrid on our way back home. What can we see on a 1 day layover in Madrid? We will have about 24 hours in Madrid between our flights.

Madrid tourist bike rentals

Is it safe and a good idea to rent bikes in Madrid? What are the bike rental options available to a visitor; what do you think of BiciMad the bike sharing service?

Segovia and Avila

Can we combine Segovia and Avila in one day trip from Madrid?

Madrid in 2 days

We have 2 full days in Madrid. What can we see and do without rushing around?

Madrid to Seville via Cordoba?

Madrid to Seville via Cordoba? Is it advisable? Can we visit Mezquita at Cordoba as a stop-over trip? Please share any tips or suggestions

Prado official guided tours?

I am told there are many unofficial guides who accost us on entry at Prado. Are there official guided tours in Prado?

Madrid city tourist pass

What discount cards are available for tourists to Madrid? We are there for 4 days and keen to see the major sights. Please list Madrid cards for sightseeing as well as travel.

Royal Palace guided tours?

Looking for information on Royal Palace guided tours. Is there any night tour we can take?

Romantic things to do in Madrid

Does Madrid have anything romantic for couples? I keep hearing about art and history so I would appreciate suggestion for attractions and activities for a visiting couple.

Prado multiple visits

We are senior citizens and would like to visit Prado multiple times over our 3 day stay in Madrid. Can we visit Prado multiple times with Art Ticket? If not, which is the best ticket that allows multiple visits?

Madrid - how much to budget?

As a tourist, how much should I budget for a day in Madrid for day to day expenses without accommodation.

Toledo and El Escorial in one day?

From Madrid is it possible to combine a visit to Toledo and El Escorial in one day? How do you recommend we do this?

Eating in Madrid with Kids

Suggest kid friendly restaurants in Madrid. We are flexible on type of cuisine - what is most important to us is to go to a restaurant where we are welcome with the little ones.

Family friendly accommodation in Madrid

We are visiting Madrid as a family. What are the best family friendly accommodation options in Madrid?

Excursions from Madrid

If we have a day to spare at Madrid, What are the best day trip options from Madrid?

Where to see Goya in Madrid?

What Madrid places are important to understand Goya and his work? Guide us to the ones we must visit.

Apps for visiting madrid

Which are the best apps that one need to have while visiting Madrid?

When on a day trip to Toledo, where to eat?

Any not to miss dish or restaurant at Toledo that we should try when we go to Toledo as a day trip from Madrid?

Prado line with free ticket?

As a student I qualify for a free Prado museum ticket. How can I prebook to skip the line at Prado? I do not see any such options on the Prado booking website.

What are the non-touristy things to do in Madrid?

Interested to see, smell and hear Madrid beyond the tourist circuit. What are the recommended non-touristy sights and activities in Madrid?

Where should we stay in Madrid for nightlife?

Nightlife is high on priority. Which are the recommended hotels or areas where we should book?

When are Madrid mealtimes?

When do Madrid folks have their lunch and dinner?

Which museums to visit in Madrid?

We are confused with so many museums in Madrid. Which ones should we visit to get a diverse experience?

Madrid with a toddler

How is Madrid for families with small kids? We are thinking of visiting Madrid with a toddler.

Madrid to Toledo - bus or train?

Does it make sense to take the bus from Madrid to Toledo, or should we stick with the train option that seems popular?

Madrid on a tight budget

Visiting Madrid on a tight budget. Any suggestions to how to stretch the Euro in Madrid

Best places to photograph in Madrid

Where to go in Madrid for the best photoshoots?

Madrid with family - Best time to visit

Planning a family break in Madrid next year...when is the best time to visit with kids?

Toledo from Madrid airport?

We plan to go directly from Madrid airport to Toledo, for a couple of days. What is the best way to travel?

Madrid card for family

Which Madrid card gives best value for a visting family of four?

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