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Granada Experts Curated Travel Answers

Best time of day to visit Alhambra

When is the best time to visit Nasrid Palace in Alhambra. Should I select the morning slot or the post 2 PM slot.?

Alhambra visit plan - How long to spend and in what order to visit?

What is the best way to see the Alhambra? How many hours should I plan to spend for the Alhambra visit? What is the order of visiting recommended within the Alhambra attractions?

One day in Granada

I will be visiting Granada from Seville for a day. What are the sights in Granada that I can possibly visit? Please help me draw a one day itinerary for Granada.

Alhambra tickets sold out

Alhambra tickets at their official site are sold out for my dates. What are the other options to buy tickets to visit Alhambra?

Best Flamenco shows in Sacromonte Caves

Which is the best place for an authentic flamenco show in Sacromonte Caves, Granada?

What to see in Albaicin, Granada

What are the attractions to see in the Albayzin (Albaicin) Quarter of Granada? What is the best way to visit Albayzin?

Hotel with car parking at Granada

I will be renting a car for my trip to Southern Spain. I intend to stay for a day in Granada. What are the good hotels with car parking? I prefer good budget hotels or mid-range hotels.

How to buy tickets to Alhambra online

I am a fairly seasoned traveler. However, I am stumped while booking online tickets for Alhambra, Granada. The instructions are in Spanish even when I specify English!

What to see in Granada besides Alhambra?

For first time visitors to Spain, what is there to see in Granada besides Alhambra? I have a tentative itinerary that includes Granada, Andalusia.

Best hammam in Granada

After booking my tickets for the Alhambra, next on my agenda is to shortlist the best of Granada's Hammam baths. I am looking for suggestions on the best hammam baths in Granada, preferably near Alhambra.

How to get to Mirador San Nicolas

We will be visiting Granada for a day and want to go to Mirador de San Nicolas, the most well-known viewpoint for Alhambra photography. How do I get to San Nicolas viewpoint from Granada city center, can you give me easy directions?

Where can I try a Sacromonte Omelette in Granada?

I am a foodie and I want to make sure I have a Sacromonte Omelette on my trip to Granada. Where is the best place to go for a Sacromonte Omelette in Granada?

What are the recommended tours in Granada

I will be in Granada for 3 days. Should I go on a walking tour, Hop On Hop Off, or any other interesting tour in Granada? I've searched the Internet but could not make up my mind as the information is quite sketchy.

Where to stay in Granada

We have finally arrived at an itinerary that has two days in Granada. Where to stay in Granada - any specific neighborhood? We prefer mid range hotels with character.

Two days in Granada

How to plan a 2 days visit to Granada? Beyond the Alhambra and Albaicin, what else is there to see and experience in Granada over 2 days?

Any left luggage facility at Granada?

I am planning a visit to Granada as a daytrip only to see Alhambra. Is there any left luggage facility in Granada, especially near Alhambra?

Souvenir shopping in Granada

What can I buy as a souvenir from Granada? Where in Granada to go for gift or souvenir shopping. I like to take back something unique from every place that I visit.

Can I stay within Alhambra complex?

The only reason we are visiting Granada is to see Alhambra. Are there any affordable hotels offering excellent views of Alhambra, or within the complex?

What to eat in Granada?

What to eat in Granada? Where to eat in Granada?

Where can we eat at Alhambra?

I have my tickets to Alhambra booked. What are the options for food within Alhambra complex ?

Short trips from Granada

We plan to spend 4 days in Granada as a base and make short trips to see the region. How much time should we keep for Granada and what places can we see around?

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