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Costa Del Sol Experts Curated Travel Answers

Best beaches and beach towns near Malaga

We are looking for clean and secluded beach around Malaga. We plan to stay for a week and explore areas around Malaga

Quiet resorts near Malaga

Are there any calm and quiet resorts near Malaga? We are without children and not the partying sort. Relaxation and slow sightseeing is important for us.

Seven day Costa Del Sol itinerary

Please help me frame a seven day Costa Del Sol itinerary. I am interested in beaches, and would also like to know important towns that I need to visit in Costa Del Sol.

Best place to stay in Marbella for nightlife

Which is the best area to stay in Marbella for a couple in their late twenties looking for an active nightlife?

Malaga in one day

I am taking a cruise and will be in Malaga for 8 hours. What to see and do in Malaga?

Is Marbella good for families?

Family holiday in Marbella - Planning to go to Marbella with my 13-year-old daughter. What are some of the interesting family things to do in Marbella?

Rock of Gibraltar as day trip from Marbella

Rock of Gibraltar sounds like an exciting day trip from Marbella. How to go to Rock of Gibraltar from Marbella. What to see in Gibraltar?

Best place for nightlife in Costa del Sol

Visiting Costa Del Sol with my girl friend. If Nightlife is key, which is the best place in Costa Del Sol for nightlife?

Costa del Sol for kids

What are things to see and do in Costa del Sol that will appeal to children? We plan to visit Costa del Sol for our annual family holiday

Good value restaurants in Marbella

I find Marbella restaurants expensive especially those in Puerto Banus. Where should we go for non touristy experience?

Best beach around Nerja

Which are the best beaches around Nerja where one can go for a swim. Is it true that all beaches around Nerja are polluted with sewage

Which are the best beaches of Costa del Sol

We are looking for the more off the beaten track type of beaches in Costa Del Sol. Somewhere nice and quiet which is perhaps more adult and less family focused and not overtaken by commercialization. Is there such a beach in Costa del sol?

How many days in Malaga?

We are traveling around Andalucia for 10 days in the spring. How many days should we plan to spend in Malaga city?

Where to go in Costa del sol?

Planning a vacation in Costa Del Sol but confused as which all places to visit in Costa Del Sol. Looking for beaches and nightlife. Any suggestions?

Where to stay in Malaga?

Please suggest the best area to stay in Malaga with a view to walking, bicycling and using a train for trips to Ronda, Mijas, Nerja.

What to do in Costa del Sol?

Beyond beaches, what is there to see and do in Costa Del Sol

Romantic things to do in Costa Del Sol

Looking forward to a romantic, relaxing and fun filled holiday in Costa Del Sol with my partner. Any suggestions for couples looking to do something visiting Costa Del Sol?

Day trip from Marbella to Morocco

Is it possible to go to Morocco as a day trip from Marbella? If yes, any practical advice?

What are the things to see and do in Benalmadena

We plan to spend a couple of nights either in Torremolinos or in Benalmadena area. Are there plenty of things to see and do in Benalmadena without having to travel too far?

Vacation rentals in Malaga old town or Benalmadena

We are looking for self-catering vacation rentals. Should we base ourselves in Malaga Old town or in Benalmadena? Any recommendation on local vacation rental sites or is it Airbnb?

Beaches around Marbella

Which is the best beach around Marbella? Are the beaches exclusive to hotels? Can we hire beach umberalla and chairs?

Malaga old town accommodation

Which are the recommended hotels in Malaga Old Town? Prefer a boutique hotel? Should we try vacation rentals in Old Town?

Downtown Marbella - where to stay?

We have decided to stay a couple of nights in Marbella instead of Puerto Banus. What are some good parts in downtown Marbella to stay?

What to see and do in Marbella?

We will be staying in Marbella for 10 days. What are the things to see and activities to indulge in Marbella?

Best of Malaga Museums

Malaga is City of Museums. I am in Malaga for couple of days as part of Costa del sol driving trip. Which are the 5 museums that I need to go to? Advice on parking will also help

Marbella from Malaga airport

How to reach Marbella from Malaga airport?

Bullfights in Malaga - where to watch?

Where are the places to watch bullfights? I will be in Malaga province next summer.

Marbella for hen party - where to stay?

There’s 9 of us going to Marbella for friend’s hen party weekend..what’s the best place for us to stay? Not noisy but close enough to the bars.

Where to stay in Nerja?

Planning to visit Nerja shortly and looking to rent an apartment. Which area in Nerja comes recommended or should we choose apartment away from town?

Day trips from Nerja

We will be in Nerja for around a week. Which are the recommended day trip destinations around Nerja?

Tapas and paella in Malaga

In Malaga, where to go for best tapas and paella?

Nerja caves - organized tour or on own?

How do I reach Nerja caves from Malaga? Do I need to book for an organized tour(prefer DIY)? When are Nerja caves concerts held?

Puerto Banus or Marbella?

Would you recommend staying in the town of Marbella or in Puerto Banus We are keen on beach scene and nightlife

How long to spend in Costa del Sol?

On a 12 day Spain visit, I want to spend most days in Costa del sol. How long is long?

Day trips from Marbella

We would like to go on a short excursion around Marbella. Which are the best day trip destinations around Marbella.

What to eat and where to eat in Malaga

Visiting Malaga for a week. Any must-try dishes and restaurants to visit in Malaga?

Marbella or Malaga

As a base, which is better - Marbella or Malaga.

Which are the best family hotels in Costa del Dol

I will be visiting Costa Del Sol in July and want to look for accommodation for myself, partner and 14-year-old daughter. Which are the best family hotels in Costa del Sol

Family beaches in Costa del Sol

Which are the best family beaches in Costa del Sol ?

Site to search for costa del sol villas

Where should I book my holiday villa to avoid a rental scam? Any local website or is it just Airbnb

When is it best to visit Costa del Sol

Which are the best months to visit Costa Del Sol for sun and nightlife?

Malaga Experience Card vs Malaga VIP Experience Card

What is the difference between Malaga Experience Card and Malaga VIP Experience Card? Is it worth buying Malaga city pass?

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