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Basque Region Experts Curated Travel Answers

How many days in Bilbao?

What is the ideal time to spend in Bilbao, we have only 4 days for all of Basque region.

Which French Basque towns from San Sebastian?

From San Sebastian we want to see French Basque towns, which ones can be seen on a day trip?

How many days in Basque country?

What is the ideal duration for Basque region visit; what places should we cover beyond Bilbao and San Sebastian?

Bilbao in 3 days

We have 3 days in Bilbao during our Basque country visit. 3 days may be a bit much but we want to see Bilbao properly, and surrounding areas as well. How do you recommend we go about this?

What are unique Basque souvenirs?

What should we buy as souvenirs from our Basque country visit? Where can we buy these?

Wine region from San Sebastian?

From San Sebastian, should I go to French or Rioja wine region? Which wine towns to cover, and by self tour or guided tour? Is there a sequence in which to travel, and what transport to use?

Recommended beaches around Bilbao

What are the best beaches to visit around Bilbao and how can we get there?

Itinerary for Rioja wine towns

Need a visit plan for La Rioja. Which towns to visit, how to travel and where to stay the night?

How to visit Basque Country in 6 days?

What to see and how to plan for 6 days in Basque region? Can you give us a practical itinerary that covers the main things?

Bilbao in 1 day

What is the best way to see Bilbao in 1 day on a short first time visit to the Basque Region of Spain? Will I miss anything major with only a day in Bilbao?

Best rioja wineries to visit

Which are the best wineries to visit in La Rioja? How to get there from Bilbao?

San Sebastian in 3 days

How should I make the best use of a 3 day break in San Sebastian? I want more than just the attractions and pintxos.

Is Santander worth visiting?

I would like to visit more than Bilbao and San Sebastian on my Basque country trip. Should I plan a trip to Santander?

French basque Country or Spanish Basque

Which is better for French basque Country or Spanish Basque country for the best Basque region experience.

When to visit Basque country?

When is the best time of the year to be in Basque country and why?

Bilbao or San Sebastian

I have 5 nights to visit Basque country. How to split time between Bilbao and San Sebastian. Where to make a base and what other towns to visit?

Daytrips from San Sebastian

What day trips from San Sebastian are worth going for? Should we stay in Spain or is French Basque region also worth seeing?

Enobus (vinobus) tours

Can you tell me more about the wine bus tours in Rioja. Which city does it start from, where does it go, what are the highlights / costs etc? Do you recommend it?

Basque Cider House recommendations

What are the best areas to go for cider houses in the Spanish Basque country?

Bilbao nightlife recommendations

Which are the best nightclubs and bars in Bilbao? What to do in Bilbao in the evenings?

Bizkaia Bilbao card worth it?

I hear there is an all in one card called Bizkaia card in Bilbao. Is it worth buying?

What to eat and drink in San Sebastian?

What are must try traditional food and drinks in San Sebastian? Where in San Sebastian to go for these?

Nightlife in San Sebastian

Which are the popular nightlife hangouts in San Sebastian?

Bilbao and San Sebastian itinerary

How to best visit both Bilbao and San Sebastian on one trip? How many days should I plan for?

Which is the best town to stay in la rioja region?

We would love to stay in Rioja region for two nights. Should we choose a town with easy access to many wineries or should we stay in a hotel with its own winery?

How to eat Pintxos?

How do residents in Basque country eat Pintxos? Where should I go to eat Pintxos in Bilbao?

Excursions from Bilbao

Are there any places worth visiting from Bilbao or should we just pack our bags and head for San Sebastian after spending a day in Bilbao?

San Sebastian in 1 day

I only have 1 day to visit San Sebastian; I know it is not enough. What should I see and what should I skip on this short trip?

Is Barik card worth it?

I will be traveling in Basque country (Bilbao, San Sebastian) soon. Should I buy the Barik Card?

What to see and do in San Sebastian

What is there to see and do in San Sebastian? How long to spend in San Sebastian? Is a day enough?

San Sebastian best pintxo bars?

What are the locally recommended Pintxo bars to visit in San Sebastian old town? We love food and on our short stay, we want to get an authentic pintxo bar experience.

Vizcaya bridge visit plan

I want to visit the Vizcaya bridge in Bilbao. How many hours are needed to visit from Bilbao centre, and how to get there? Is there anything around the areas that is also interesting?

Shopping in Basque Country?

Besides souvenirs, what is there for shopping in the Basque region? Where should I go in Bilbao and Sebastian?

Where to stay in San Sebastian?

Does it matter where I stay in San Sebastian? What are the neighborhoods, specific hotels, apartments, other interesting places?

Which Bilbao food markets to visit?

Are there local food markets worth visiting in Bilbao? Can we try street food?

What to do in Logrono

I am told that Logrono is a must visit for La Rioja wines. How long should we spend and what to do here?

La Rioja wineries advice

What advice can you give us on visiting La Rioja wineries, and what is the best way to travel between wineries of La Rioja?

Best beaches in San Sebastain

What are the best family friendly beaches near San Sebastian to visit? We want to see the best beaches but also want to surf, if possible.

Where to stay in Bilbao?

I am planning to spend a few days in Bilbao, what are my best options for areas to stay? I want to see the city and also go on excursions but using public transport.

San Sebastian to Bilbao airport?

What are my options to go from San Sebastian to Bilbao airport? What do you recommend?

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