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Answers to travel questions in Spain

Toledo knife and other souvenirs

Where to buy a Toledo knife? Also, what are some other souvenirs that we can buy in Toledo?

Bilbao in 3 days

We have 3 days in Bilbao during our Basque country visit. 3 days may be a bit much but we want to see Bilbao properly, and surrounding areas as well. How do you recommend we go about this?

How many days in Toledo?

Should we visit Toledo as a day trip or should we spend a few days at Toledo? How many days should we spend in Toledo?

Cathedral free hours

When can I visit Seville Cathedral for free and can I also climb the Giralda tower during this time?

Quiet resorts near Malaga

Are there any calm and quiet resorts near Malaga? We are without children and not the partying sort. Relaxation and slow sightseeing is important for us.

Parking in Girona

We are driving around Costa Brava and will visit Girona for a day. What are the parking options in the city? Should we expect to pay?

Is Santander worth visiting?

I would like to visit more than Bilbao and San Sebastian on my Basque country trip. Should I plan a trip to Santander?

Cathedral and Alcazar - combined ticket

Is there a combined ticket to visit the Seville Cathedral and Alcazar? We plan to visit both on the same day.

Costa Brava without a car?

Is it possible to explore Costa Brava without a car? How well do buses and trains connect the towns of Costa Brava?

Free things to do in Seville

What are the free and interesting things to do in Seville?

Girona overnight or day trip?

We are definitely planning to visit Girona but unsure whether to return to Barcelona or stay the night? What can we do in 1.5 days in Girona?

Souvenir shopping in Granada

What can I buy as a souvenir from Granada? Where in Granada to go for gift or souvenir shopping. I like to take back something unique from every place that I visit.

Toledo Cathedral dress code

Planning a trip to Toledo. Is there a dress code to follow when we visit the Cathedral in Toledo?

Girona and Figueres in a day

Can we visit Girona and Figueres Dali Museum in a just one day from Barcelona? Where to start and how to plan the trip? We don’t drive

Cordoba in 1 day

I am planning a full day trip from Seville to Cordoba. Besides the Mezquita what else is worth seeing in Cordoba?

Seville in 4 days

Seville has so much to see that we have planned 4 days to visit. What is the best 4 day Seville plan for an immersion beyond the main sights?

Excursions from Bilbao

Are there any places worth visiting from Bilbao or should we just pack our bags and head for San Sebastian after spending a day in Bilbao?

How many days in Malaga?

We are traveling around Andalucia for 10 days in the spring. How many days should we plan to spend in Malaga city?

Is Barik card worth it?

I will be traveling in Basque country (Bilbao, San Sebastian) soon. Should I buy the Barik Card?

When on a day trip to Toledo, where to eat?

Any not to miss dish or restaurant at Toledo that we should try when we go to Toledo as a day trip from Madrid?

Flamenco festivals in Seville

Are there flamenco festivals in Seville; when are they, and is it worth visiting during that time of the year?

What to do with kids in Seville

Will children get bored on a visit to Seville; what is there for kids to do? We want to make sure there is something we can do as a family beyond the main attractions.

Downtown Marbella - where to stay?

We have decided to stay a couple of nights in Marbella instead of Puerto Banus. What are some good parts in downtown Marbella to stay?

Which museums to visit in Madrid?

We are confused with so many museums in Madrid. Which ones should we visit to get a diverse experience?

What to do in Logrono

I am told that Logrono is a must visit for La Rioja wines. How long should we spend and what to do here?

Madrid with a toddler

How is Madrid for families with small kids? We are thinking of visiting Madrid with a toddler.

La Rioja wineries advice

What advice can you give us on visiting La Rioja wineries, and what is the best way to travel between wineries of La Rioja?

Cathedral guided tour

Do I need to go on a guided tour of the Cathedral in Seville? How long should I plan for the visit?

Airbnb equivalent for Spain

Is there a vacation rental site focusing on Spain? Airbnb of Spain?

Girona vs coastal town as base

Is it better to make a base in Girona or a coastal town? We are planning a Costa Brava trip of 5 days.

Bullfights in Malaga - where to watch?

Where are the places to watch bullfights? I will be in Malaga province next summer.

Marbella for hen party - where to stay?

There’s 9 of us going to Marbella for friend’s hen party weekend..what’s the best place for us to stay? Not noisy but close enough to the bars.

Romantic towns in Costa Brava

What are some quiet Costa Brava towns to explore as a couple? We don’t mind some local nightlife though.

Seville to Cadiz day trip

How to plan a day trip to Cadiz beach from Seville?

Flamenco souvenirs

What are flamenco souvenirs that can be purchased at Seville?

Girona cycling itinerary

We are planning a recreational cycling trip in Girona. Can you give us suggestions on where to stay, what routes to take, any other advice?

Madrid to Toledo - bus or train?

Does it make sense to take the bus from Madrid to Toledo, or should we stick with the train option that seems popular?

Where to stay in Bilbao?

I am planning to spend a few days in Bilbao, what are my best options for areas to stay? I want to see the city and also go on excursions but using public transport.

White villages from Seville

What to expect in white villages tour from Seville? Should we go on an organized tour or on our own?

Car rental - Girona or Barcelona

We plan to land in Barcelona, visit Girona and then drive around Costa Brava. Should I rent a car in Barcelona or in Girona?

Short trips from Granada

We plan to spend 4 days in Granada as a base and make short trips to see the region. How much time should we keep for Granada and what places can we see around?

Girona bike and car combined itinerary

How to combine cycling trip with driving around Girona and Costa Brava? Any recommended routes, any hotels with lockers for bikes?

Madrid with family - Best time to visit

Planning a family break in Madrid next year...when is the best time to visit with kids?

Closest water parks from Seville

Which are the closest water parks from Seville?

Cordoba vs Granada

Cordoba or Granada as a day trip from Seville?

Flamenco without tourists

Is there any place in Seville where we can watch Flamenco without a commercial tourist crowd? I am a tourist myself but I want to observe the atmosphere of local flamenco in Seville.

Toledo from Madrid airport?

We plan to go directly from Madrid airport to Toledo, for a couple of days. What is the best way to travel?

Costa Brava day trip from Barcelona

What Costa Brava towns do you recommend visiting as a day trip from Barcelona? How should I travel and what will I miss in a day?

Madrid card for family

Which Madrid card gives best value for a visting family of four?

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