Vatican Topics

Best time of day to visit St Peter's Basilica

What is the best time of day to visit St Peter's Basilica?

When to Visit Vatican City?

When is the best time to visit Vatican City?

Tips for visiting the Vatican

Can local expert share tips to help us plan our visit to the Vatican?

Accommodation in a convent or monastery

How to book an accommodation in a convent or in a monastery?

Free things to do in Vatican City

What are some of the interesting yet free things to do in the Vatican?

Pope in person

At Vatican,how to visit Pope in person?

Do you need a guided tour of the Vatican?

Do you need a guided tour of the Vatican? Can we do with self guided tour of the Vatican?

Vatican dress code

What do you wear to the Vatican? (dress code)

Is Vatican pass worth it?

Should I purchase Omnia Pass(Vatican Pass). Is it worth the money?

Eating at the Vatican

Where to eat at the Vatican city?

Scavi tour tickets

How to get Scavi tour tickets? Is the tour worth it?

Vatican with kids

Is it worthwhile to visit Vatican with kids - aged 7 and 10?

What to see in Vatican?

For my trip to Rome, Vatican will be the key highlight. What are the interesting things to see and do in the Vatican city?

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